5 secrets about custom printed pre roll boxes that can save you more money

Packaging is an important part of marketing a product and it should be attractive enough so that it can get the attention of shoppers. Unique as well as innovative pre roll boxes may be able to get the attention of people easily when you know how to make them properly. The packaging can protect your freshly rolled bud. You need to keep in mind that packaging is really important in the cannabis industry and you should concentrate on designing it perfectly. Sales are able to increase when you design it well. 

If you are aiming to save money on custom pre roll boxes and still get something good, this is possible. The following gives you 5 tips on how to do this.

Employ innovative and compliant materials

You should look for high-quality packaging materials that are innovative. Due to innovation, you can get affordable and totally compliant paper packaging for your pre roll product. You should also aim to make the box so that it is child-resistant. 

Some packaging materials that come in this category and which will be good for making custom printed pre roll boxes include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft. They materials can help you create a custom box that will be perfect for the product you are selling. 

Choose unique designs to bring attention to the product

All brands aim to make their brand stand out and be different. If you wish to create an identity for your brand, you should try and make unique and innovative boxes which can be prominent. You should try and get a suitable and unique design which will be perfect for what you are selling. 

For example you can choose to get sleeve and tray boxes that will be simple to open. Front tuck and reverse end tuck boxes are good. Gable boxes, rolled booklets packaging and the double-wall packaging style are other options that you can consider.

Window die-cut pre roll boxes wholesale tend to be an attractive packaging type. With this, your customer will see the product clearly via the window on the box. Their confidence in buying it can therefore increase. 

Consider cheerful printing styles

Your packaging will not be successful if the box is not attractive looking. You can pursue advanced printing techniques to make it look attractive. With the help of sensible color printing, you can give the box a unique look. 

In printing, you can consider CMYK and PMS color schemes for instance. If you employ these techniques, you may include colors to the packaging. You can choose the right printing technique according to your budget. 

For example you can consider digital printing, flexographic printing, watermarks, letter marks, lithographic printing, etc. 

Opt for premium quality packaging material

To make pre roll boxes strong, you should choose good-quality packaging material to make them from. People do not prefer buying stuff in fragile packaging. If you want to stand out, your brand should select premium quality material to make the box from. This should be able to keep your product safe from harmful impacts. 

Employing quality packaging can give your box a professional look. Premium quality materials like corrugated paper, cardboard paper, and Kraft paper can help you out.

Using these materials can give you benefits. You can employ them for different types of printing. The materials are even recyclable and so will not cause harm to the environment because they are nature-friendly. It is possible to mold them in any shape because they are flexible. The materials tend to be strong, eco-friendly, secure, recyclable, reusable, and even affordable. 

Include unique features

It can be challenging to show your products uniquely. It is tough competing in the market. This is especially true for new brands. You need to design custom pre roll boxes so that they attract the customer base. 

You can include extra features that will allow the boxes to stand out and attract. This includes embossing, debossing, lamination, PVC sheet, gold and silver foiling, etc. 

If you are able to create something that is prominent, it can stand out in front of the competition. It can even encourage people to want to try out the pre rolls you are selling.If you are able to design pre roll boxes properly, they can help you save money and also result in an increase in sales for your company. The box should be strong so that no damage happens to the product. You must also aim to design it so that it looks different and is able to stand out. The shoppers who are looking for the pre rolls should be drawn to your product. Design packaging so that it will give a good impression of your business therefore making people want to try out what you are selling.

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