Angel Figurine Collection

Collecting Angel figurines can be an enjoyable hobby for many people. Angels are said to bring good fortune, peace and happiness into one’s life when collected as figurines.

Before purchasing figurines in toy or antique stores, it’s a good idea to conduct some preliminary research first.

In Remembrance

Honor those we’ve lost by giving this beautiful memorial figurine of an angel holding a bluebird and flower as a touching memorial tribute. Engraved text reads, ‘To keep close the memories shared, laughter generated and fierce bonds formed over time through love.”

This exquisite angelic statue makes an exquisite bereavement present or touching memorial tribute for those grieving a loss, or in memory of a pet who has gone before us. Meticulously hand-crafted of artist’s resin, this exquisite creation boasts elegantly detailed feather wings topped with shimmery silvery glitter and an eye-catching golden halo that adds extra shine.

Reminiscent of those we’ve lost, this charming angel sculpture offers comfort for loved ones who have been left behind with its LED candle that glows brilliantly from within her elegant gown piercing pattern. Each angel figure stands 2″ wide by 7″. Proudly Made in USA!


No matter why or for what purpose, angel figurines will always find a special place in our hearts. Find angels to commemorate special events like birthday or anniversary angels; or find comfort angels that provide comfort during times of loss.

Many of these angelic figures are created using resins with smooth finishes and exquisite details, like crystal trim or scrolled messages running along their gown. Artist Jim Shore offers several collections you may appreciate such as Four Seasons Angels, Patriotic Angels and Angels of Love that might catch your eye.

Porcelain angels are another timeless choice, featuring designs by Lladro and Hallmark as well as an assortment from Black Art Depot. You’ll also find African American angels with specific messages; for instance, this gorgeous piece boasts dark skin toned with flowing top and gold accents – the ideal additions for your collection.


Angel figurines are beloved collectibles that evoke beauty and serenity in those who admire them, while for others they serve as a way of remembering a loved one who has passed on. These stunning works of art can often be found as Christmas ornaments or special occasion presents; additionally they make beautiful home decor choices too!

Many figurines made of porcelain feature delicate detailing and beauty, decorated with gold or silver paint to enhance their decorative features, and boasting engravings on their bases that help identify them as authentic.

The Willow Tree angel collection boasts sculptures that have been carefully crafted to convey motivational messages. These include angels with children and guardian angels holding babies; guardian angels holding infants; “In Remembrance” angels which serve as reminders that although loved ones may no longer be here physically, they remain near. These figurines make ideal presents for anyone grieving the loss of loved ones or friends.


Angels have long been recognized as symbols of peace, serendipity, and hope. Angels also serve as memorials when loved ones die; helping those grieving to remember they’ve gone somewhere peaceful and spiritually rewarding.

Some collectors collect angel figurines for sentimental value while others decorate their homes with them. At Black Art Depot we have angel figurines perfect for every occasion so come browse our selection and add something beautiful to your space today.

Lladro porcelain angel depicting a delicately featured cherub is a magnificent piece, boasting intricate detail. Although more costly, adding this angel will be worth adding to your collection; its beauty will make an elegant centerpiece or sit on a shelf in any home as a reminder of God’s great love and mercy.

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