Conscious Banking And Business Pricing

The aim of conscious banking is to support conscious businesses. These can be businesses in any sector but they are run with an emphasis that the management and staff are in alignment with their own higher purpose, the purpose they are here to do in the world where they create.

Because this is true creation, where something is created not as replication but from the genius, from the higher connection with the universe of which are all part, it is more likely to be a business that is blue ocean and thus is not a commodity. The value of this business can be great because it is the blue ocean so there is not a competitive landscape, and even replicators cannot replicate the core uniqueness of the proposition.

There is then the notion of pricing. It is possible to go for the standard idea of MR = MC (marginal return = marginal cost) which is where profit is maximized. This will keep supply low enough to max out a profit. At this point, it is useful for marketing (or whoever sets pricing) to look inside and think what is the right price for the goals that this product is designed for. Maxing profits may not be right if it comes from a fear of safety or a fear of not being good enough, and maxing production (lower price) may not be right if it comes from a place of unworthiness.

It is not your place to save the world as I say to my clients in finance executive coaching in London. It is your place to live your highest life and have faith that the larger machine will make sure each person experiences what it needs them to experience.

So you can price where you want, so long as it comes from a place of fulfilling your conscious goals not one of the many compensatory factors around our ever-present ego.

In practical terms what I would do is ask the superconscious for a symbol of the right price.

Mr. Yasir Asif at strongestinworld is team member who loves to write informational articles, find information and share the learning with the community.

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