Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A cushion cut diamond engagement ring was called a cushion cut in ancient times. This species, as its name suggests, resembles a pillow or plump pillow. This reduction occurs in different proportions. They can be oval, square or rectangular with rounded corners.

This type of cut gained popularity in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Before the introduction of light bulbs, the cushion diamond ring was also called the candlelight diamond because it was said to shine brightest in candlelight.

In modern conditions, oval cut diamond engagement rings are more symmetrical than their older contemporaries, mainly due to modern refinement and sophisticated passporting skills. Although this may be the case, couples tend to prefer older versions of pillowcases and still seek out these types in the antique or vintage market.

This type of ring is best for couples who prefer a subtle, traditional design. This type of ring is still rare in modern jewelry.

Solitaire is the ultimate cushion cut that draws attention to the gemstone in the center of the ring. However, many women prefer smaller stones set into the ring.

This type of ring has about 60 facets. That’s about 20 faces less than in recent episodes. Face refers to the smooth, polished planes that make up the surface of a stone. With fewer facets than sophisticated shapes and signature cuts, it shows less sparkle.

But it is this characteristic that adds to its unique appeal that sets a diamond ring apart from its modern contemporaries, as it gives the diamond a certain depth, allowing one to see through it – to understand its meaning. Discover the beauty of a diamond.

Next time invite your partner for a romantic candlelit dinner; Do you think a cushion cut diamond engagement ring goes with it?

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Oval cut diamond engagement rings

The Elegance and Grace of the Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Marquise is one of the finest diamonds. With its slightly classic style and dazzling beauty, this oval cut diamond engagement rings  is definitely not in the flash department. In fact, it is one of the most popular choices for engagement rings. Keep this in mind when looking for a beautiful ring to wear on your beloved’s finger.

It is said that he wanted a diamond in the shape of his lover’s mouth, so a court jeweler was appointed to make it. The result of his efforts was the Marquis. For some, the history of this cut only adds to the romantic value of the stone, while others simply appreciate that the marquise cut diamond has survived the ever-changing changes in diamond cuts and patterns, among which many of the old cuts are no longer made.

A marquise cut diamond is a cross between an oval and a diamond shape. With tapered ends and long, smooth rounded edges; This elegant cut is sure to be beautiful as a solitaire or even in a multi-stone set. Many people choose a marquise as the center stone in a cluster setting, but this style also looks attractive when set with a brilliant round or faceted diamond as the center stone.

As with most marquise cut diamonds, you can choose a variety of settings and most quality settings will display the stone beautifully. You will find that you can choose from platinum, white gold, yellow gold or even silver if you prefer. No matter what you choose, you should always make sure that your setup is sturdy so that the tent doesn’t fall apart easily. Another thing to consider is insuring your marquise diamond ring against loss, damage or theft.

Whether you are looking for a diamond for an engagement ring, an anniversary ring or a beautiful ring for your right hand, marquise cut diamonds are always a great choice. 

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