Digital Invites – A Cost-Effective Way to Inform Your Guests

Forget about paying for envelopes, stamps and paper – Digital invites are a cost-effective way to inform your guests. Designed by WedSites, Riley & Grey and others, these suites include save-the-dates, wedding invitations and online RSVP tracking within one experience.

Plus, evites often come with guest tracking and management systems that make it easy for your off-grid relatives and acquaintances to let you know they can attend.

They’re Eco-Friendly

Unlike paper, which often ends up in the bin, digital invitations can be saved and retrieved as many times as needed. This makes them a great option for busy people who may not have time to spend wandering stores for the perfect card.

Digital invitations can also be made from more sustainable materials than traditional ones. For example, some invites can be made from a chunk of recycled plastic or even elephant poo paper! This unique material is embedded with seeds and also provides a source of income for the elephant sanctuaries that make it.

Many online invitation providers are also making it easier to go green by using sustainable papers, vegetable-based inks and recycled envelopes. Plus, most of them offer a website where you can host all the event information, making it easy for guests to RSVP online. This will save you money on stamps and paper and is a great way to keep track of your guest list.

They’re Convenient

In this modern digital world, we rely on online platforms for everything from business to socialising. This includes inviting friends and family to your event. Digital invitations are a paperless alternative to traditional invites and can be customized in just a few minutes, instantly delivered to guests’ inboxes. They also offer features such as RSVP tracking, real-time guest list management, and automated reminders.

Evite designs can be made more engaging with interactive elements such as maps and directions, event agendas or schedules, or social media sharing buttons. This gives your event a fun and unique personality, while saving time and money by eliminating the need for printing and postage.

Plus, there’s no need to lick stamps and envelopes until your tongue is blistered or write out addresses so many times that the local kids start calling you ‘The Claw’. All you need to do is click a few buttons and voila!

They’re Easy to Customise

Creating invitations in a digital format can be a huge timesaver. Instead of licking envelopes and pens until your hands are blistered and sore, you can whip up a design in just minutes and instantly send it out. This is especially helpful if your event is nearing and you’re under a tight deadline.

You can also play around with text style and alignment. Just remember to avoid getting too font-happy, as too many fonts can make your composition look cluttered and unorganized. Instead, stick to a few fonts that communicate the message you want your invite to convey.

And if you’re planning a surprise event, like a wedding or birthday party, you can even take things to the next level by using an online e-invitation template with a video element that features pictures and music of your choosing. Just be sure to send the link to the guest of honor in a password-protected email or else they might spoil the surprise!

They’re a Great Way to Save Money

Unlike traditional paper invites, digital invitations are much cheaper to produce and send. Besides the costs of printing and shipping, there’s no need to shell out for additional materials such as envelopes and RSVP cards.

In addition, Digital invites can also provide you with organisational features that allow guests to sync event details with their calendars and smartphones. This can help you to reach more people at once and promote your business’s story in a more engaging way.

Many online services, such as Greenvelope, offer beautiful designs for every taste and budget. Their collection includes options from Kate Spade New York, Rifle Paper Co, Oscar de la Renta, and more. Whether you’re looking for a streamlined solution or a more sophisticated style, these companies make it easy to create and manage online invitations. They even track RSVPs and collect guest information (like meal preferences) for you. Plus, a portion of every purchase is donated to Mountains to Sound, a conservation organization that maintains forests.

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