Discover the Durability of the Double Wall Drawer System

Unmatched running action combined with extraordinary stability – for furniture that speaks quality. Various front panel formats and materials meet individual needs with cost-efficient platform concepts.

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A double-wall drawer system with a slim profile and advanced movement technology. Featuring a smooth movement, gentle soft-closing and convenient storage. With a choice of side rails and box-side heights – 86mm to 550mm – the system can be configured for various applications. For example, adding a ground glass box-side can transform a low drawer into a high drawer complete with a dividing system.

Metal drawers have become increasingly popular in modern European-style kitchens because they meet the aesthetic and functional needs of Millennial consumers. Moreover, they offer cabinet manufacturers significant production efficiencies and benefits such as less warping during transport and long-term use. In addition, their durable metal construction is hygienic and easier to clean than wood. This makes them a great choice for millennials who are concerned about food safety and hygiene in the kitchen. They are also more resistant to humidity and thermal fluctuations. This is a big advantage for those who live in colder climates.


The Nova Pro Scala is a double-wall metal drawer system that is designed to accommodate many different accessories including modular cutlery trays, useful pan drawers and more. This allows homeowners and cabinet manufacturers the flexibility to customize their cabinets in a variety of ways, while still maintaining an elegant and efficient design.

The system also features durable metal scratch-resistant slides by Hettich. These are more hygienic and cleanable than wood construction and are also more resilient against moisture and thermal fluctuation. This means that, unlike traditional wooden drawers, they won’t warp during transportation or long-term use.

Additionally, metal drawers can provide significant production efficiencies to cabinet manufacturers. They can reduce the need to rely on externally-sourced wooden drawer boxes, which can be vulnerable to lead times and other logistical issues. This gives the manufacturer greater on-site adjustment capacity and allows them to adapt quickly to shifting consumer trends and market conditions. This can be especially beneficial during a labor shortage.


The double wall drawer system is a versatile movement system solution for cabinetry. It can be used in face frame and frameless applications, offering various drawer side heights with the option to add gallery rails. This allows the drawer box to be extended, allowing for greater storage capacity and more space for tools.

The Nova Pro Scala drawer system offers a sleek design and is incredibly functional. It is a double-walled steel drawer system that features a straight inside surface, minimal construction width and an innovative closing mechanism. This combination of features makes the Nova Pro Scala drawer system incredibly durable.

Hettich’s AvanTech YOU drawer runner offers superior furniture design and excellent performance, regardless of load class. It provides designers and manufacturers with the flexibility to create individual solutions for different markets, applications and customer needs. Working components are discreetly concealed, allowing for a sleek and modern look. Hettich AvanTech YOU also offers flexible interior organizers that can be adapted to the user’s personal preferences.


The double wall system offers a variety of options to enhance design. For example, with the addition of specific railings and ground glass box-sides a low drawer can be transformed into a high drawer with dividers that offer great convenience. In addition to achieving greater durability, these metal drawers also provide an aesthetic that coordinates with the rest of a European style scheme.

This system is built for customization and provides lean production with a high degree of on-site adjustment capacities. With the option of a soft-close or push open function, three colors and five drawer side heights it allows for a wide range of interior organization solutions. The addition of gallery rails can increase the height of a drawer by adding additional space for contents and adds an appealing design element. The system also features a choice of two weight capacity options. The combination of these features makes the double wall drawer system a reliable choice for all types of cabinets.

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