Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the United States

 In The United States, New York is the most expensive city; then you need to pay $1.36 million, for this. This city is also expensive according to food items. Here we will tell you about the top 10 Most expensive cities in The United States to live in where the living index is too high. If you can’t afford it then take a look at World’s Most Affordable Places to Live.

People move from one place to another for their businesses, jobs, and spending vacations. They want to live in a city where all facilities are available. And no one can deny traveling in The United States. America is one of the most expensive countries in the world because every city in America is too much expensive in all ways.

These cities are too costly, but people consider them the most traveled country in the world. The living cost in these cities is very high even a rented apartment has great value. Groceries cost are also very high in these cities even a can of coffee demand a much dollars. Well, people in these cities feel more comfortable here with all facilities.

10. Los Angeles, California

When we think about Los Angeles, then it brings to mind glamorous and wealthy movie stars. It means the Film industry plays a vital role in the booming economy of the city. Los Angeles busiest part of the world and an expensive one. The living index here is also expensive here such as the average cost of a home is $470,000 and needs $74,371 to live well in Los Angeles.

9. Orange Country, Calif

Orange Country is well known for its massive natural beauty and has a high living index. If you want to buy a residential house in this beautiful city, then you need to pay $ 721000 for this, but if you take an apartment on rent, then it will cost $ 5.33. The cost of beauty treatment in Orange Country is around $60.

8. Stamford, Conn

Stamford is stunning and lovely but expensive too. The living place is also costly here, The Price of a home here is $598000. Here beauty treatment in a parlor price is $55 whereas the cost of a Can of coffee is $ $5.18.

7. Hilo, Hawaii

In Hilo Hawaii, rented apartments are available at an average price which cost $928. And if you buy your property here then you need to pay at least $488500. This city is the least expensive as compared to other United States cities but one of the most expensive.  The T-bone steak price is $12.16 and the can of coffee is available at $6.16.

6. San Jose, California

If anyone wants to live in South Area then San Jose, California is the best place, but it is also expensive like other cities in America. It is located near San Francisco and Oakland. This area is also costly due to the presence of Silicon Valley. The permanent residential home price in San Jose is $805000 and if you take a house on rent then pay $1738. One cup of coffee price is $6.58 and the Dozen of Eggs price is $2.74. Well, this city is also expensive for women’s beauty because a beauty parlor trip prices $47.

5. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston requires a lot of money for Groceries and health care. 20 % more costly as compared to the national average price. Boston is a famous city for its Education Environment; the city has a beautiful scene of Silicon Valley that’s why it is one of the top leading tourist destinations in America. The value of the average home is around $374,000 and takes $84,000 to live well here.

4. Washington DC

030926-F-2828D-080 Washington, D.C. (Sept. 26, 2003) — Aerial view of the Washington Monument with the White House in the background. DoD photo by Tech. Sgt. Andy Dunaway. (RELEASED)

Everyone knows about Washington because due to Historical incidents it is the pride of the US. But it has made it one of the most costly cities to live in America. Many Government and Private sector jobs are available in this city. The Price of a home in this city is $767,000 as well as a rented apartment cost $1,960 per month. You need $106,493 for a family tour in Washington and child care takes a lot of money in this city, considering the expensive city for parents to raise two children.

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu people pay a lot of money for their living facilities. Hawaii is one of the most famous cities due to its charm, but the price of the family tour is $94,092. This city is the most expensive in the United States for groceries. The price of a home at this beautiful place is $742,600, and a rented apartment cost $2,733. The dozens of eggs cost $3.39 and the can of coffee price $7.32.

2. San Francisco, California


Here is the second most expensive city in the United States where is a high cost of living like in other cities in America. For a one-bedroom apartment, you pay a high cost, the price of the flat is $820,000 and if you take on rent then pay $2925. This city is also expensive due to its major industries including tourism, IT, and Financial services are included.

The unemployment rate is very less almost remains low at 3.4 % and it’s all due to highly favorable conditions. Here are also meals and groceries expensive such as you can purchase a can of coffee for $6.04, a T-bone steak priced $10.46, and a beauty parlor trip cost $59.

1. New York City

New York City is the most expensive city in America as well as the 7th most expensive city in the world. Approximately 8.3 million people live there and the living cost in New York is 120 % higher than the average. The home price in New York is $1.36 million, and if you want to buy an apartment there, you need to pay $3700 for the apartment.  Everything is very expensive from Groceries to public transportation a can of coffee in New York is $6.14, a Dozen eggs cost $2.89, and a T-bone steak is $12.78. Everyone wants to get employment in this city and fulfill their hopes and dreams.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in the United States

Sr. NoExpensive Cities in the U.S
1New York City
2San Francisco, California
3Honolulu, Hawaii
4Washington DC
5Boston, Massachusetts
6San Jose, California
7Hilo, Hawaii
8Stamford, Conn
9Orange Country, Calif
10Los Angeles, California


Here we conclude America is well known for its economy as well as education and other facilities. Everyone wants to settle here because it is the best place to live but everyone can’t afford this country because most of the cities are very expensive. Firstly living index demands a lot of money here.

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