Top 10 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches

 The most expensive Patek Philippe watch is the 1943 Reference 1527 model which has a price tag of $5.5 million. Patek Philippe Watch is a reputable company that earned its name over the years by making remarkable watches. Francois Czapek and Antoni Patek founded this company in 1839, and it is known as Patek, Czapek & Co. They make pocket watches until 1845. Czapek terminated his partnership then Patek makes a new collaboration with Jean Adrien Philippe in 1845.

Recently company name represents the name of both partners Patek Philippe & Co. They started to make wristwatches in 1868 and bring innovation to watches. Patek Philippe & Co give a tough time for other watch maker companies. They introduced many new features like the perpetual calendar in 1925. The headquarter of the enterprise is located in Geneva. The company does not make any compromise with the reliability and quality of the watch.

They tested the watches for one month after making them. You can see the value of the company from this thing that watches sold at auction out of the 100 most expensive watches, 80 % comes from Patek Philippe. We make a list of the top 10 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches. If you are a girl you might also like the Most luxurious watches for women.

10. 1936 Pilot Patek Philippe Watch – $1.7 Million

1936 Pilot Patek Philippe Watch

The Patek Philippe Pilot watch was released in 1936 as a revolutionary watch because its case size was extraordinary. It is made of chrome and nickel and its 55 mm in diameter. The dial of the watch is black lacquer consisting of Arabic numerals. Off-white varnish is used to carve the scales.

9. 1925 Grogan Patek Philippe Watch – $1.95 Million

1925 Grogan Patek Philippe Watch

Patek Philippe 1925 Grogan watch was specially designed for left-handed people, Just like the 1923 Officer watch is the only Patek Philippe chronograph watch made with sixty minute counter. It also has a 60-minute repeater and chronograph. The case of the watch is made of gold, and it has 18 karats in weight. The shape of the watch resembles a cushion. The dials and the controls of the watch are set on the left side to make it easier for left-handed people. It was sold in 2006 for almost $1.95 million at Christie’s auction.

8. 1951 Model 2499 First Series Patek Philippe – $2.129 Million

1951 Model 2499 First Series Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe, 2499 model’s first series came in 1951 and the second version of this model came in 1957. It has less price than the 1957 model, but both have the same features. The case is rose gold plated and weighs 18 karats. Its dial has a moon phase and a perpetual calendar. The watch has Patek Philippe stamped.

7. 1944 Model 1591 Patek Philippe – $2.26 Million

1944 Model 1591 Patek Philippe

Patek Philipe 1944 Model 1591 is the most expensive stainless steel watch. Only two models of this watch made ever. One of them was sold in 1996 at a Christie’s auction when it prevailed for the first time for the public. The second model sold in 2007 for worth $2.26 million. This watch originally belongs to Indian Maharajah who love to wear the watch during polo. He gifted this watch at his wedding to the wedding organizer as a present. It was the most expensive stainless steel watch sold at auction.

6. 1957 Model 2499 Patek Philippe – $2.28 Million

1957 Model 2499 Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe 1957 Model 2499 was designed with rose gold whose weight was 18 karats. Only five pieces of this watch were made. It has Patek Philippe’s signature which increases its value. It was unveiled in 2007 at Christie’s auction and sold for a high price of $2.28 million.

5. 1923 Officer Watch – $2.9 Million

1923 Officer Watch

Patek Philippe 1923 Officer watch is the most sophisticated and stylish watch ever seen. It has sixty minute counter and only watches of Patek Philippe which has this feature. It has a distinctive chronograph and 18 karats yellow gold case. The outer ring has two dials at the 3 O’clock position and a 60-sec continuous display at the 9 O’clock position. It is a unique Patek watch with black Breguet numerals on white enamel. It was unveiled in the Patek Philippe museum where its price was fixed after serious bidding.

4. 1953 Heures Universelles 2523 Patek Philippe – $2.9 Million

1953 Heures Universelles 2523 Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe made this beautiful expensive watch in 1953. The case of the watch is made of 18 karats of yellow gold. The enamel dial has a bright face and comes with the whole map of North America. The strap Heures Universelles made of polychrome. It prevailed for the public at an auction. Americans much appreciated it due to a map.

3. 1895/1927 Yellow Gold Minute Repeating Patek Philippe Wristwatch – $2.994 Million

Patek Philippe’s 1859/1927 Yellow Gold minute repeating wristwatch sold at Sotheby’s auction for only $600,000. The watch sold five times at this price. It has a tonneau shape. This wristwatch was in the Henry Graves, Jr collection. The arms carved on the watch represent the Graves family. It got movement from 1895 and case from 1927. Now the price of the watch has increased up to $2.294 million.

2. 1939 Platinum World Time Patek Philippe – $4.04 Million

This masterpiece of Patek Philippe was made in 1939, and no other piece of this model made. It was designed with painstaking craftsmanship and engraving of 42 cities’ names of the world on its face. It sold in 2002 at Antiquorum.

1. 1943 Reference 1527 Patek Philippe – $5.50 million

Patek Philippe 1943 Reference 1527 is the most expensive wristwatch ever made by Patek Philippe. It was sold in 2010 in Geneva at Christie’s auction for $5.50 million. The watch has the classic chronograph with a moon phase display and a perpetual calendar. It has yellow gold made case whose weight is 18 karats. The dial is 37 mm and silver matte and big in size as compared to other watches of this era. Other unique features of the watch are 23 gemstone encrustments, applied gold Arabic numerals, a date indicator, bimetallic compensation balance, and minute markings. Swiss Museum wanted to reserve this watch because of its unique features, and they won the bidding for this watch. Also, read about the most expensive wristwatches for more information for Watch lovers.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches

Sr. NoExpensive Patek Philippe WatchesPrice in Millions
11943 Reference 1527 watch$5.50
21939 Platinum World Time Watch$4.04
31895/1927 Yellow Gold Minute Repeating Wristwatch$2.994
41953 Heures Universelles 2523 Watch$2.9
51923 Officer Watch$2.9
61957 Model 2499 Patek Watch$2.28
71944 Model 1591 Patek Watch$2.26
81951 Model 2499 First Series$2.129
91925 Grogan Patek Watch$1.95
101936 Pilot Patek Watch$1.7


We conclude from this article Patek Philippe is the best watches brand. Its watches have brilliant features and unique features. Gold was used in the formation of the case of watches which increased the price of the watch. These are the best quality watches but at high prices. These are affordable only to rich people.

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