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If you have a strong addiction to anime, it can be difficult to break the habit. One way to combat this is by finding another fandom to get involved with. This can help keep your mind off anime and allow you to spend time with friends who aren’t fans.

Many stores carry manga and anime merchandise. However, some stores carry more exclusive products than others.

1. Online Stores

Whether you’re shopping for new figures to add to your collection or want a manga t-shirt to wear to your next convention, there are plenty of options to choose from online. Many of these stores offer exclusive merchandise that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, your purchase gives back to the creators of the artwork and helps them keep creating more cool stuff.

You can also find anime-related merch at many local stores. For example, Toy Tokyo offers figurines, manga, blind boxes, and designer toys from Japan. The store is located in Brooklyn and has an excellent selection.

If you’re an avid anime fan, you may have noticed that some of the most popular characters are portrayed on T-shirts, sneakers, and other merchandise. These items make great gifts for friends and family members who enjoy anime as well. Just be sure to avoid copyrighted images, as the owners will not appreciate your unauthorized use of their art.

2. Local Stores

When you want to shop for your loved ones, local stores should be the first place you look. Outfitted with one-of-a-kind products and services, these businesses are often run by people who have poured their hearts into the items they sell, making them far more likely to focus on quality over quantity. In addition, buying from a locally-owned and operated store helps support your community.

Show off your fandom with this Gears of War tee featuring a re-imagined Kait Diaz, a COG soldier who is seeking truth about her family’s connection to the Locust Horde and the incoming Swarm onslaught. Printed on a pre-shrunk 100% cotton Gildan SoftStyle tee, machine wash cold inside out.

3. Comic Book Stores

Comic book stores may be a business, but they also play an important role in the fan community. They are often the center of local events like gaming tournaments, signings and other social activities. In addition, they often stock merchandise such as clothing, figurines and art prints that are hard to find elsewhere.

Some comic shops focus primarily on new monthly releases, while others offer a deep selection of graphic novels, toys and collectibles. They typically receive catalogs from distributors that list comics, toys and other pop culture products shipping on a monthly basis.

Some stores are more advanced and offer the option to pre-order upcoming releases. This gives you peace of mind that you won’t miss a chapter of your favorite story or series. They can even send you a reminder when your books are due to arrive.

4. Anime Conventions

The main reason for attending an anime convention is to hang out with other people who share your passion for anime and Japanese culture. Many convention attendees are cosplayers and spend their time walking the halls dressed as their favorite characters. Some even arrange photoshoots with professional photographers.

Most larger conventions have an exhibit hall where companies can set up shop to sell their merch and souvenirs. They also host large concerts, cosplay contests, and panels.

Depending on the scope of the convention, it may include gaming rooms where you can play a variety of console and handheld games all day long. Some anime conventions also have special rooms that showcase live programming or offer autograph sessions with guest voice actors. Anime conventions can be fun and exciting, but they can also be challenging to attend, especially for people who are not comfortable being around other fans of traditionally geeky media. To make the most of your convention experience, it’s best to arrive early. This will give you a better chance of getting into popular events and reduce your chances of missing out on some of the best swag.

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