Help to Find Your New Home in St. Albert

Located just northwest of Edmonton, St. Albert is a vibrant city that offers a wide range of housing options. From quaint studio apartments in the heart of the city to sprawling single-family homes in Cherot and North Ridge, you’re sure to find the perfect home for you in St. Albert.

Find a Real Estate Agent

Choosing the right New Home in St. Albert can make or break your home buying or selling process. It’s important to scout several candidates before you decide on one. Compare their qualities to your priorities, and do a thorough background check to gauge their reputation. Check their credentials with the Real Estate Council of Alberta to see if they’re certified to serve clients in your area.

The city’s residents love it for its safe and vibrant community. It is one of the best places to raise a family and has numerous special events and festivals, including the Downtown St. Albert Farmers Market, Kinsmen Rainmaker Rodeo, and the annual New Years fireworks display. There are also many recreational opportunities in the area, such as the Red Willow Park trails and Service Credit Union Place, a massive recreation centre with hockey and basketball courts and a gym. Its well-planned neighbourhoods and community services give it a small town feel with the convenience of a big city.

Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is the first step toward owning your new home. It gives you a clear idea of what you can afford to spend on your next home, and allows you to look at homes that are within your price range. It also helps you avoid the disappointment of finding a home that you cannot afford.

Use our online mortgage calculator to estimate your monthly payment amount based on the size of your down payment and your income. Remember to include all debt payments, such as credit card bills, car loans or leases, unsecured lines of credit and personal loan payments.

Mortgage brokers have access to a variety of different rates and mortgage products. They can often find better deals than you can by checking with a single lender. They can also provide you with introductions to helpful contacts like home inspectors, insurance agents, and renovation companies.

Look for a Home in Your Price Range

Located just minutes from northwest Edmonton, St. Albert embraces family-oriented lifestyles with a strong commitment to community support and enriching education. What was once a Metis community has bloomed into a diverse and compelling place to call home. From the small chapel built by Father Albert Lacombe to the historic grain elevators and little white school house open for tours, there is no shortage of local history and culture to enjoy.

The city’s excellent schools boast a high academic ranking and offer a variety of programs from French immersion to International Baccalaureate. In addition, the city’s proximity to Edmonton provides job opportunities in essential industries and businesses.

Single-family homes are a large part of the city’s real estate landscape and range in price based on size, location, and finish. You can find your dream home in one of the many vibrant neighbourhoods that make up St. Albert, including Downtown, Grandin and Mission and Older Braeside.

Get a Home Inspection

Home inspections are integral to the buying and selling of homes, as they help identify a variety of issues that can be costly or dangerous. They should cover the foundation, structural components, roof, attic and other parts of a house, as well as its plumbing, electrical systems and HVAC. A professional inspector will also assess whether a home is up to code. Specialized inspections may be conducted for problems such as radon, asbestos, termite infestation, and lead-based paint or piping.

A home inspector will take several hours to complete a detailed walk-through of the property, taking notes and pictures, and answering your questions. It is usually best to tag along, so you can better understand the written report afterwards.

A home inspection can save a buyer from purchasing a damaged or costly property, and it can help a seller prepare for negotiations with reluctant buyers. It can even reveal conditions that a buyer might not be aware of, which can be used to renegotiate the sale price or terms of the contract.

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