How the Rubix Speedcube Can Help You Improve Your Cubing Skills

If you are trying to improve your cubing skills, the Rubix Speedcube is a great tool. It can help you develop a range of skills including finger dexterity, hand-eye coordination, creativity and concentration.

Various studies have shown that kids who are involved in solving a Rubik’s cube on a regular basis tend to have higher IQ levels than those who don’t play the puzzle.

Finger dexterity

The Rubix Speedcube is a great tool to improve your cuing skills. It will teach you how to grip the cube with your fingers and turn the faces with ease, making it easier for you to solve the puzzle.

Finger dexterity is one of the most important skills in a cuber, as it is necessary to perform all the different moves. It also increases your reflexes, which are incredibly beneficial to a cuber’s health and can help prevent joint degeneration.

You should hold the cube with your fingertips, in whichever position is easiest for the upcoming turn. You should also use your ring and pinky fingers to place the stickers in the back face of each piece in a way that allows them to move freely, but still stays firmly attached to the cube.

The neural and biomechanical mechanisms that enable manual dexterity are diverse, and include surround inhibition5,6,7 and viscoelastic properties of the hand8,9,10. These features enable movement of a finger independently from other fingers, and can be measured with a number of physiological methods12,13,16.

Hand-eye coordination

The Rubix Speedcube is an ideal way to practice your hand-eye coordination and improve your spatial reasoning. It can also help you develop your spatial intelligence, creative problem-solving skills, and concentration.

It can also be a fun game for kids to play with their friends. It will help them to develop their hand-eye coordination and finger agility, and it can even help them to relieve stress.

Solving the Rubik’s Cube requires mastering many algorithms and twisting and turning the layers. A quick solver can complete a cube in under a second!

These fast solvers have sharper reflexes and incredibly good eye-hand coordination. They can also notice colors and patterns more easily, and they have a better understanding of spatial perception.

These benefits are why countries like China encourage children to learn how to solve the cube at a young age. They can develop their hand-eye coordination and cognitive abilities, which will make them more capable when solving challenges later in life.


Solving the Rubix Speedcube is a great way to improve your creativity. It is a puzzle that requires you to concentrate on every twist and turn as you move the cube. This can be a great way to develop your creative problem-solving skills and help you think more analytically.

It is also a great way to get your children to think more analytically and to learn how to solve problems. It can be a good tool for introducing kids to computational thinking and it can be a fun way to introduce them to coding and programming as well.

Another aspect that is emphasized in some speed cubes is corner cutting which is a feature that allows the cube to continue turning even if one layer doesn’t line up correctly. This can be a great option for beginner players, however it can also be a bit frustrating as it decreases the tension of the cube sometimes making it harder to control.


Whether you’re a cuber or not, solving the Rubix Speedcube is a great way to practice concentration. This is especially important in a world where people spend more time looking at their phones and computers than actually working on things.

In addition, the act of solving the cube keeps your brain cells active and improves cognitive mapping skills. This can help you learn to solve problems in a more efficient manner, according to MIT News.

Another benefit of solving a cube is that it improves your short memory. This is because it requires you to memorize a step-by-step sequence. This is beneficial for your short-term memory and muscle memory.

In addition, it can also help you develop your mental reflexes and keep your attention focused on the task at hand. This can be helpful for people with ADHD, or those who have trouble focusing on tasks.

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