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Jade symbolizes gentleness, serenity, and harmony in feng shui. It also promotes creativity and stimulates ideas. It is believed to release toxins from the body and balance your energy.

For centuries, Chinese artisans worked nephrite into utilitarian and artistic objects and jewelry. Then, in the mid 18th century, a new green stone from neighboring Burma entered China. It was called jade, and the Chinese came to prize it. Visit for the jade heating pad.

Jade is a feng shui stone

Throughout the centuries, people have used jade as a lucky stone to attract good fortune. They believe that it has a deep connection with the elements of nature and can help nurture chi energy. Jade is also thought to heal the heart chakra and inspire compassion.

The color of jade is associated with the five-element system of feng shui, with green jade symbolizing well-being and longevity. Other colors of jade also have meaning. For example, the Aztecs grated a green stone called xiuhtomoltetl and mixed it with cold water to relieve heartache and inflammation.

The different shades of jade are also linked to Taoist cosmological systems. Lighter and more translucent jade is considered to have softer energies, while deeper dragon-green veins are said to have stronger and more significant energy. This makes jade a symbol of prosperity and the ability to overcome adversity. In addition to its natural beauty, jade is one of the toughest known stones. This extreme durability explains its wide use as jewelry and carved statues.

Jade is a healing stone

As a healing stone, green jade purifies the body’s organs by balancing bodily fluids and eliminating toxins. It also strengthens the skeletal system and heals infections and wounds, including stitches. Additionally, it promotes self-sufficiency and balances the emotional heart chakra.

The Chinese consider it the “stone of new love.” It encourages fidelity and trustworthiness. It can also aid in finding and acting on your intuition.

While there are many different stones that can be used to cleanse the energy of a crystal, green jade is one of the most common and versatile. This is because it is a natural stone that releases a gentle charge of energy and has a similar vibration to quartz. Its calming, balanced energy is perfect for those who want to connect with nature’s qi.

Jade is a gemstone

Symbolizing gentleness, serenity, and harmony, Jade is prized in Eastern cultures. It also promotes wealth, luck, and good health. Psychologically, it strengthens the heart chakra and helps to balance relationships.

The gemstone can be found in a variety of colors, but the translucent emerald-green is the most valuable. It embodies the Taoist cosmological concept of yin and yang, and represents the ability to overcome adversity and achieve success. Lighter colors, such as apple green or lavender, are considered yin, while deeper dragon-green is yang.

While the color shades can vary, all natural jade is incredibly durable and can withstand the test of time. The stone has been used in feng shui, a Chinese practice that balances energy in the home and office, for centuries. Its color, texture, and durability make it an important source of pride in China. Jade also carries a strong association with the heart chakra, increasing love and nurturing. It also boosts self-esteem and encourages independence and confidence.

Jade is a good luck stone

Jade is a good luck stone that encourages wealth and prosperity. It also promotes peace and balance. It is a great choice for home decor or office accessories. It is also an excellent stone to keep in the bedroom. Adding a jade crystal to your bedside table can help you sleep better and reduce anxiety.

Jade nourishes the heart chakra and encourages self-reliance. It helps you recognize yourself as a spiritual being on the human journey. It also brings balance to the emotions, allowing you to let go of irritability and frustration.

You can also use green jade to attract abundance and prosperity. It combines well with other lucky stones and crystals, including Tree Agate, Orange Moss Agate, Malachite, Citrine, Turquoise, and Bloodstone. It also helps you dispel negative energies and reclaim your personal power. The energy of this stone also infuses you with courage to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. The energies of this stone are also known to bring compassion and healing.

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