LED Grow Light Manufacturers

LED grow light manufacturers produce a wide range of products that are used for horticulture and other growing applications. These LED lights are designed to give plants the right amount of light they need to grow and thrive. They also help reduce electricity costs and energy consumption.

These companies provide various types of grow lights that come in different design styles, light intensities, color temperatures and spectrums. Some of these companies also offer programmable features that allow you to adjust the light to match specific stages of plant growth.

A good LED grow lights manufacturer should have a strong product quality, excellent customer service and a long-lasting lifespan. They should also be willing to work with their customers on their particular needs and questions.

Huntersourcing is a trusted sourcing agent with extensive supply chain experience and a large network of high-quality China LED grow light manufacturers. We are able to find the best products and deliver them quickly, reliably and on time.

Valoya is a Finland-based horticulture LED grow light supplier that has been producing international-standard products since 2009. They do extensive biology research and develop optimum spectra for plant growth.

They produce grow lights that are used for crop research, medicinal plants, vertical farming, ornamentals, and algae production. Their LED grow lights are made with premium quality components and patented custom chips.

Another reputable manufacturer is LumiGrow, which has been in the horticulture lighting business for over 10 years. They have a research team that includes members with plant science backgrounds and Ph.D. holders. They have a variety of grow lights and wireless lighting control systems for sale, including their iGrow Pro Series.

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