Top 10 Most Expensive Animals in the World

 Animals are natural living beings. There are two living beings; one is people, and the other is animals. There are more productive people in this world, and there are the most expensive animals also. The cost of animals is million and million of thousands of dollars. When many people can buy expensive watches, clothes, laptops, mobiles, and other things for use, then why it is a wonder that there are high prices for animals, which are pets and living beings? We use animals for our personal purposes. You can also first read about the most expensive cats if you love cats and if you have an aquarium then you can take a look at the Most expensive fishes.

There are top 10 most expensive animals are as follows: Green Monkey, Miss Missy, Tibetan Mastiff, Sir Lancelot Encore, White Lion Cubs, Stage Beetle, Palm Cockatoo, Hyacinth Macaw, De Brazza’s Monkey, Toucan.

10. Toucan – $5,000-10,000

It is also the most valuable animal in the world. These live in many places, for example, America, Mexico, the Caribbean, etc. These have a brilliant and significant bill of different colors. These are the most expensive and famous due to the large bill. Their body is black in color, but there are some spots of white, yellow, and crimson colors. They have very small legs compared to their size, but the legs are very sturdy and can attain a command quickly. It is a royal bird, and its price range is about $5,000-10,000.

9. DE Brazza’s Monkey – $7,000-10,000

These are also known as swamp monkeys and are introduced from Central Asia. These can live from 22 to 30 years long. It is a very tough task to find these animals. People face many troubles in finding them because these monkeys have fantastic and great abilities to hide in the forests. Usually, these live in dry forests and talk by shaking the branches and expressing their feelings in this way. These are found in the big zoo, some buy these monkeys after paying a high payment. The price of De Brazza’s Monkey is 7,000$ to 10,000$.

8. Hyacinth Macaw – $14,000

It is the biggest bird breed of parrot, which can fly. It has blue color feathers and a powerful beak. These can eat coconuts, seeds, and nuts very easily due to a sharp beak. Nuts and seeds are the most common foods of them. These are found in South Africa and Eastern countries. These can live up to 60 years long, due to this, the cost of these birds is very high in pet markets. Most people kept these animals in their homes as a pet. Now there are no more Hyacinth Macaw in jungles. The average price is $14,000 in the whole world.

7. Palm Cockatoo – $16,000

It is a kind of parrot, which belongs to a parrot family called Probosciger. These have a black and smoky gray color. It is absorbing that there is a spot of red color on their head. These have a large size and high weight; their length is 50-60 cm, and their weight is about 910-1,200 lbs. A German scientist, namely Gamelin, introduced these animals into this world for the very first time. The average price of a Palm Cockatoo is $16,000 now in this world.

6. Stage Beetle – $89,000

This is a very strange and horrible insect. These beetle are very rare in the whole world. These are unique insects, and due to their uniqueness stage beetle are very expensive. These are very large, commonly their size is about 2 to 3 inches in length. Stage Beetle belongs to the Lucan idea family, which consists of 1200 insect species. These do not pet animals. Stage beetle is a very rare pet animal and very strange also. The Japanese sell a stage beetle at a cost of $89,000.

5. White Lion Cubs – $138,000

This is very odd that the Lions are white in color. White color lions are not commonly available in this world; these can be seen only in South Africa. White lions are not separate species; these are homegrown in South Africa. According to surveys, only 300 white lions are living in the whole world, and due to this, these are more expensive in the world. An ordinary person can’t buy these lions. The average price of these species is $138,000.

4. Sir Lancelot Encore – $155,000

It is one of the most expensive animals. Its color is white. This animal was introduced through an accident; this is a dog breed. Family Edgar and Nina lost their dog at a time, then by chance, they found Lancelot, which was the same as their lost dog. These animals are very costly due to their characteristics. The average price is $155,000.

3. Tibetan Mastiff – $582,000

Tibetan Mastiffs are a kind of dog, very precious animals, over $5,82,000 is the average cost of these animals. Most people buy these dogs through high value and take them to homes as pet animals. There are many colors of these dogs, commonly colors are black, brown, and red, white color is very rare in this world. These dogs are the largest dogs due to their size. The height of these animals is over 32 inches, and their weight is more than 150 lbs. They have a panda shape and a different smell from other dogs.

2. Miss Missy – $12,00,000

Miss Missy Cow is a wonderful generation of cow, which has white color and a high price due to more natural qualities. These animals have an excellent diet and give tasty and energetic milk. These cows have won the champion competition of the Western Fall National from all generations due to their outstanding qualities and energy. At the end of the game, many people wanted to buy it, but its owner didn’t sell it. These cows have an excellent standard in fields, but these are not available in every place. These animals are very rare due to their high price. The price of Miss Missy is $1,200,000.

1. Green Monkey – $16,000,000

It is the first expensive animal in the world, and its price is shocking for an animal. It is a breed of horse, not a monkey. These animals are very rare in the world, and their color of this animal is not green. In fact, its owner belonged to the Green Monkey, due to this, these animals are called the Green Monkeys. These horses have won more competitions of a race. They run very fast due to physical perfection and energy. These horses are very beautiful and known as top costly nowadays. The price of these animals is $16,000,000. Interested in more expensive things in the world? just visit from here.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive & Precious Animals at a Glance

RankAnimal NameAverage Price
1.Green Monkey$1,60,00,000
2.Miss Missy$12,00,000
3.Tibetan Mastiff$5,82,000
4.Sir Lancelot Encore$1,55,000
5.White Lion Cubs$1,38,000
6.Stage Beetle$89,000
7.Palm Cockatoo$16,000
8.Hyacinth Macaw$14,000
9.DE Brazza’s Monkey$7,000-10,000


Animals are living beings. There are many costly and cheap animals in this world. Some people love animals and keep them in homes or at particular places for animals. Some expensive animals are described above. We should buy the animals, people who can’t pay high money for animals; they bought animals at low cost. When can we buy expensive non-living things then why we can’t purchase living organisms? Some rich people buy expensive animals to show their status and the poor keep animals for their food or personal work. We should keep them at home and give love to them. We should look after them.

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