Top 10 Most Expensive Christmas Gifts For Rich People

 The most expensive Christmas gift is The ultimate Bond villain Island Lair which has worth $100 million. Like many other festivals in the world, Christmas is also a unique festival for Christians in the world. It is celebrated on the 25th of December every year. People celebrated it with full swing and bought gifts for their family, friends, and children. This article is about Christmas gifts. There are many gifts for Christmas some made especially for this occasion like jewelry, clothes, shoes, candles, stuffed toys, chocolates, and many other accessories. Some people want to buy a unique gift for their loved ones.

Famous brands of the world offered many expensive gifts for Christmas. The unique gifts of Christmas include the Yacht, cargo ship, sports car, dog collar, and many others. All these gifts carry a high price tag, so rich people purchase these gifts for their families. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive Christmas gifts in the world.

10. Baby Grand Piano – $280

Baby Grand Piano

Fao Schwarz offered an impressive gift for Christmas. It is a perfect gift for children and for those who love music. However, a child should be mature enough for using this piano. It is given by many people to kids in 2015 as a Christmas gift. This luxurious baby grand piano has a price tag of $280. One of the most beautiful gifts to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

9. Neiman Marcus Multi-Game Set – $2000

Neiman Marcus Multi-Game Set

Neiman Marcus is an old game available at Wal- Mart stores. The box and dice of the game are made of Swarovski crystals which makes it an easy game. It is made specially available for Christmas occasions. Its price is increased from $1500 to $2000 at special occasion of Christmas. It is a lovely and luxurious game. People like this as the present.

8. Big Screen Smart Television – $20,000

Big Screen Smart Television

Smart television is common these days, and it is considered the best technology. It is 88 inch TV that has a 3D capacity and a flat-screen. For a whole year, it is available at a price of $1000 but at Christmas, it is available for $20,000. It comes with Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. It is a beautiful gift for your loved ones.

7. Ferrari F12 Ride on Car – $293.99


A small car with a Ferrari logo in red color is a beautiful gift for kids. You can get this car from Brookstone. It is a luxurious and attractive gift for children. This small child car is made especially for Christmas. The price of the car decreased when Christmas comes. This gift was liked by the children very much. It is popular because it resembles with real Ferrari.

6. Pauline’s Human-Mimicking Robot – $345,000

Rocky IV offered a gift for Christmas a celebrity robot that is controlled by a remote. It is very helpful, especially for senior citizens. Pauline’s Human-mimicking robot has limbs with wires and helps in doing tasks.  Rocky IV is made with Artificial Intelligence and it can mimic human gestures and movements like dancing. It worked like a boxer and amazed the people. It comes with a high price tag.

5. Dior Sunglasses – $383,609

Dior is a famous brand and needs no introduction. Dolce $ Gabbana offer these Dior sunglasses at Christmas. These are special sunglasses and the most expensive. The frame of the glasses is made of solid gold and some diamonds are also studded on the frame. These are perfect glasses for a beach and a sunny day. These luxurious and fashionable glasses are appreciated by everyone in the world. It carries a high price tag and affords by wealthy people.

4. Cargo Ship – $1-2 million

A secret cargo is available on a Chinese website for $2 million. This cargo ship has named Alibaba. It seems like a light aqua in water and moves in the Pacific ocean. It is so large that you can take anything with them. You can gift this cargo ship and enjoy the ride with your loved ones. You can purchase this if you have enough money. Riding on a ship in the Pacific ocean gives you happiness.

3. Sports Car With Submarine – $2 Million

Sports Car With Submarine

Different kinds of cars attract people, especially young boys. This sports car with a submarine is a unique gift for Christmas. It is made inspired by the spy who loves me. This luxurious sports car has enough oxygen for people to dive up to 33 feet into the water. Pure steel is used in car formation and boosted by powerful batteries. If you want to gift someone special on Christmas then this car is an amazing gift.

2. 52 Carat Diamond Dog Collar – $3.2 Million

52 Carat Diamond Dog Collar

A dog Collar with 52 Carat diamonds studded is another amazing gift. Many people love to keep dogs and are willing to pay anything for them. Forbes Magazine named this the Bugatti Dog Collar. It has 1600 diamonds which makes it a luxurious dog collar. On Christmas, It is perfect for those who love their dogs. This collar makes you beautiful.

1. The Ultimate Bond Villain Island Lair  – $100 million

The Ultimate Bond Villain Island Lair

Another expensive Christmas gift included in this list is a yacht. It is a luxurious floating boat and looks like a small country. It carries many facilities like Casino, nightclub, movie theater, jet skies restaurants, and dock for boats. Its design is so impressive, and it has a large space for storing things. This expensive Christmas gift is the most beautiful one if you can afford this.

Top 10 Most Expensive Christmas Gifts For Rich People

Sr. NoExpensive Christmas GiftsPrice
152 Carat Diamond Dog Collar$3.2 million
2Sports car with submarine$ 2million
3Cargo ship$1-2 million
4The Ultimate Bond Villain Island Lair$100 million
5Dior Glasses$383,693
6Pauline`s Human-mimicking robot$345,000
7Ferrari F12 ride on car$293,99
8 Big Screen Smart Television$20,000
9Neiman Marcus Multi-game set$2,000
10Baby Grand Piano$280


We conclude from this article that these gifts are beautiful and unique for anyone. But these are so much more expensive and affordable by rich people, but these gifts have to be worth such a price tag. These gifts are suitable for everyone women, man, and children. I hope this article will help to choose a gift for Christmas and make your day beautiful and memorable.

Mr. Yasir Asif at strongestinworld is team member who loves to write informational articles, find information and share the learning with the community.

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