Top 10 Most Expensive Cities For Living

 Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) survey of 133 cities worldwide uses New York as a base. It compares the cost of clothing, food, groceries, housing, transport, Entertainment, utility bills, and Electronics. However, it does not include the income segregation of these cities. This list is made on the impact of living there. The expense of cities also depends on the currency of the country and the natural resources of the country. In other term import, and export of the country also has an impact on the economy of the country. You can read about the Top 10  most expensive cities in the world to live in. Before Traveling to these Expensive cities read first about the 10 Most expensive hotels in the world where you can stay and enjoy most.

10. Los Angles ( Country: US, city: Los Angles)

Los Angles have 8th ranking with Copenhagen and Seoul. You should think twice to live in Los Angles because the cost of living is very high. A family of 4 people included costs $466,895 –including the cost of housing, food, and child care. With housing cars, ownership is also costly for a gallon of gas you will pay $3.16 compared to the national average of $2.29. Restaurant food is a dream for foodies except for the average American. The currency of America has propelled Los Angles and New York into the top 10 expensive cities list.

9. Seoul ( Country: South Korea, City: Seoul)

The report said that clothing and utility prices are so high in South Korea’s capital. It is expensive in Korea but it is less expensive as compared to other big cities regarding living, restaurants, transport, etc. Korea has the highest prices for iPhones, laptops, and digital cameras. It also had a high cost for men’s and women’s clothing.

8. Copenhagen: ( Country: Denmark, City: Copenhagen)

Prices of some things are incredibly rising in Copenhagen. This city was famous for open sandwiches which are costly. You would pay $25 for a sandwich and water at a local pub and $10 for coffee. Dinners quickly take your $75 /person at Cal restaurants for nothing unusual and excellent restaurants it would make $125-150 easily. Drinking in this city is very expensive, a beer cost $7 in a pub and $2.48 in a supermarket.

7. New York: (Country: US, City: New York)

New York has climbed 42 places in ranking in the last five years. Study reveals that you would need 3.5 full-time minimum wage jobs for two bedroom apartment in New York. Public transportation is one of the best transportation in New York at cheap rates. Owing a car in New York is not very expensive. It extortionate is also due to the world’s most expensive restaurants in New York.

6. London ( Country: UK, City: London)

London has had the highest rank for almost a decade. It is the most expensive city for cigarettes. One pack of cigarettes in London worth $14, and with wine run about $110.  Living in London is also costly. However, you can find cheap meals from takeaway shops, and visiting of National Museum is almost free.

5. Paris ( Country: France, City: Paris)

It is a famous city and the capital of France. It has great attractions for tourists because of its beauty and history. Beauty hides in monuments and buildings, places, and architecture. To hang out with friends is less expensive in this city than to visit a memorial or wine bar. The average price of table wine in Paris is $ 10.71. If you make a plan to stay there you should consider expensiveness of a booked room; only an average visitor would pay for the reserved room. Everyday expenses of groceries, utilities, and rent are increasing. However, the price of tobacco and alcohol is lower than in other European cities. Renting an apartment in the town of Love will run about $1.500 for one bedroom, so renting an apartment is the hard nut to crack in France. Paris is the only eurozone city on the list; it means that weakening of the currency Paris is still an expensive city to live in.

4. Geneva( Country: Switzerland, City: Geneva)

It is the second year running Geneva is the most expensive city in the world A couple of years ago Geneva is the only European country in the top 10 where a liter of unleaded gasoline price is less than$ 2. Now oil prices dropped internationally they it is the highest in Hong Kong which is worth $ 1.73. Geneva is an international shopping destination like Luxury brands Louis Vuitton, Channel. Hermes has its origin in Geneva, but there are high prices even down-market. For a trip, Geneva is an expensive option for tourists. The worth to go for a movie is more than $42.

3. Hong Kong( Country : Hong Kong, City: Hong Kong)

Housing is the most expensive in this city. Families live in apartments of bed size. People pay a significant part of their salaries for a small but perfectly formed room. Public transport is also very expensive. Instead of maintaining and owning a car, people like to travel in taxis. Taxis are cheap and plentiful. You can estimate the expense of Hong Kong from this thing 1-kilogram loaf of bread costs $4.36 on average in the city. Restaurants can be expensive or cheap depending on you where you go in the city.

2. Zurich ( Country: Switzerland, City: Zurich)

European countries make up half of the top 10 of this list. It is the most expensive city in the world even water is not free in this town, and You would pay the fee for major sights to enjoy. Restaurants are quite formal and dressy. According to the report, the monthly living cost for a family of three goes beyond 3,500 euros, and these figures include the rent. The country relies on imported goods it has become poorer, and the decline of its currency has hit its economy hard. Most Zurich residents work in banking and investment firms, so it’s not wondering why the city is so expensive.

1. Singapore (Country: Singapore, City: Singapore):

Singapore is the most expensive city in the top 10, and it has retained its position for three years. It is the more expensive city to live in from consecutively third-year ranking. Singapore has high transport and utility costs. Singapore was found to be 11% higher than New York for basic groceries but cheaper than its neighbor Hong Kong(28%), Tokyo (26%), and Seoul (33%). Singapore transport prices are three times higher than in New York. Singapore’s Complex Certificate Of Entitlement System makes care prices so high ever than before. To buy clothes and pay utility bills is also over-priced. The reason Singapore is expensive is that city has few natural sources. It depends on other countries for energy and water to raise utility bills and ownership of cars more expensive. The city is a regional hub for big companies for example Shell and Philips are American employees, but they pay for clothes and food there.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Cities For Living

RankCity NameCountry
3.Hong KongHong Kong
6.LondonUnited Kingdom
7.New YorkUnited States
9.SeoulSouth Korea
10.Los AnglesUnited States


We conclude from this article that these are the most expensive cities in the world. It depends on the wages of a person to live in these towns. In some cities, prices are so high that only rich people can afford to enjoy luxuries there. However, in some cities prices of daily living are affordable for an average person.

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