Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs in the World Ever

 Some People love dogs as a pet. They consider a dog as a best friend. Pet dogs are very loyal and sincere to their owners. People spend a lot of money for purchasing the best dog. There are many best and most expensive dogs in the world. Some factors are responsible for the high price of the dogs like being easily trained, and used as guard dogs, for research operations as well as police work. Pet dogs are loving with their owner and they always protect from strangers.
The Following top 10 are the most expensive dogs in the world. They all are well known for their breed and other qualities.

If you want to buy the best and most expensive dog, then take a look at this list. This list will help you to choose the Top 10 most expensive dogs in the world ever. If you are interested do not forget to read an interesting article about World’s strongest dogs that ever exist.

10. Pharaoh Hound, up to $3,000

Some People consider Pharaoh Hound an Egyptian dog, but it is the national dog of Malta. It is one of the most expensive dogs and is well known for its royal look, athletic disposition, and high intelligence. Pharaoh Hound has a tiny body mass, and most people use it for hunting. One of the most interesting things about this dog is that the color of its nose and ears turns into dark rose color when Pharaoh is very happy or excited. The cost of this dog is up to $3000and height can reach up to 25 to 30 inches.

9. Akita, $4,500

Akita is a Japanese dog that is used for hunting and fighting as well as a guard and police dog. It has thick coats, plush tails, and a powerful and courageous personality. Akita is very lovely and loving with an owner and can be aggressive to strangers. The cost of the Akita is $4500, and sensitive to many particular drugs.

8. Rottweilers, up to $6000

Rottweilers are military and police dogs. It is a brilliant, energetic, and multi-talented dog. This dog is very obedient and very loyal to its owner. Rottweilers protect their owner in any way. This dog breed is very fearless that’s why it can attack even other animals even when it becomes older. The cost of this dog is up to $6000. it is also one of the most intelligent dogs than others.

7. Lowchen, $7,000

It is one of the most expensive and rare dogs in the world. Lowchen means Little Lion in German, so it is well known as little lion dog and toy dog. It‘s hard to find because only a few hundred Lowchen register every year at the official Kennel Club. Lowchen is a friendly, playful, and work-oriented dog. Its body is entirely covered with full-length hair except for the back part of the body section including the legs and part of the tail. It is height 14 inches and it is 18 lbs weight at $7000 price.

6. Tibetan Mastiff, up to $7,000

Tibetan Mastiff dogs originated from Tibet, China, Nepal, Ladakh, and Central Asia. It is not only an expensive one but also one of the largest dogs in the world. The dog has a large coat a healthy body and a large head. It is the best guardian dog because it mostly sleeps during the day and alerts at night. Tibetan Mastiffs can hear any little sound in the dark, and this thing made it expensive. The cost is up to $7000 but can not easily be found. The weight this dog can reach up to 160 pounds and tall as 33 inches.

5. Chow Chow, $8,500

Chow Chow is an ancient dog breed and one of the most expensive dogs in the world. It is a unique dog that has a large head, medium-sized body, curly hair, and blue-black tongue. It originated in China that’s why it is called Songs Quan. Songshi Quan means puffy-lion dog. It is used for hunting and as a guard dog. The price range of Chow Chow is $8500.

4. English Bulldog, $9000

English Bull Dog is also included in the list of the top 10 most expensive dogs in the world which cost $ 9000. It is the most famous dog in the United States. It is well known as the jowly dog which has a massive short-faced head. This dog has a very gentle, loving, and courageous nature. It makes the best and most friendly companion for its owner.

3. Samoyed, $11,000

Samoyed looks charming dog as well as the most expensive one in the world. It is a very cheerful and loving dog, and it is very famous due to its smile. A white coat covers its body which is a weather-resistant jacket. It is a very friendly dog and can become the best companion for children and senior citizens. It is also known as a bit stubborn. The interesting thing about Samoyed is that its hair is used in making gloves and scarves. Samoyed’s price is almost $11,000.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, $14,000

It is one of the most famous and expensive dogs in the world. It is very famous in The United Kingdom. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel looks innocent. It is available in black, white, ruby, Blenheim, and tan. The Dog lives loving and cheerful with its owner. The cost of this powerful and athletic dog is $14,000.

1. German Shepherd, 24,000

German Shepherd is the most expensive dog in the world and is used for many purposes nowadays. The best use of German Shepherd is in police work, war, rescuing, and searching operations. It considers an ideal companion because this dog is brilliant and active. German Shepherd is available at $24000. If you want to make your dog healthier then take care special diet for the German Shepherd.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs Breeds in the World

Sr.NoExpensive DogsPrice
1German Shepherd$24,000
2Cavalier King Charles Spaniel$14,000
4English Bulldog$9,000
5Chow Chow$8,500
6Tibetan MastiffUp to$7,000
8RottweilersUp to $6,000
10Pharaoh HoundUp to 3,000


What we conclude from the article Dog is a very loyal friend and the best guard for a house. People want to keep an expensive dog but in the given list these dogs are not affordable for everyone. Only wealthy dog lovers can purchase these expensive dogs.

Mr. Yasir Asif at strongestinworld is team member who loves to write informational articles, find information and share the learning with the community.

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