Multi State Registered Agent Services

You need a registered agent to receive service of process notices, official government notices including tax forms, and more for your business. Leading registered agents are familiar with state laws and regulations and work to stay on top of them.

It’s typically legal for a business to be its own registered agent, but this can pose problems as your business scales. Consider working with a professional company that offers multi state registered agent services.


Many multi state registered agent services will offer large businesses and other customers a discount. These discounts can save your company money on service fees and other associated costs. This makes it a great option for larger businesses and other organizations that need to meet compliance requirements across multiple states.

Another option to consider is a firm that offers a customer-friendly cancellation policy. This is essential in case you ever need to cancel your registered agent service. If you have a firm that is willing to refund your fees, it is likely because they are a reputable and established company with a good track record.

While some business owners choose to serve as their own registered agents, this isn’t always practical or cost-effective. Instead, you can opt for a professional registered agent service to receive your service of process and government correspondence at their dedicated offices in every state. The best companies have a reliable reputation in the industry and provide a range of premium services.


A good registered agent service should provide a simple and streamlined process. They should hold onto important paperwork, send you notifications about upcoming deadlines and filings, and provide a dashboard where you can view all your documents. They can also escrow funds for you and handle other administrative tasks.

If you’re a small business, look for a service that offers a flat annual fee or monthly payments. These services can make it easier to budget your fees. Some registered agents may offer discounts for larger businesses or those that operate in multiple states.

If you’re starting a new company, look for a service that offers complete formation packages and solid customer reviews. For example, CorpNet has a balanced offering of forms and services and is one of the top choices for LLC formations in every state. They also offer a premium package that covers all 50 states for $299 plus state fees. Their customer service team is responsive and helpful, too.


A registered agent service offers reliability, in part because they have offices in all states where businesses operate. They’ll receive legal, tax and other official documents and forward them to the business owner immediately. And they’ll provide notifications when documents arrive, like lawsuits, as well as the time-sensitive deadlines for responding.

A business can also act as its own registered agent, but this only works if the individual is available during all regular business hours and can remain at the office during those times. Otherwise, the company could miss important state communications and service of process notices.

Many of the best multi state registered agent services offer top security, a user-friendly website and a variety of other valuable business maintenance solutions to help companies stay in compliance with regulations. For example, IncFile offers a wide range of business formation services as well as one-year free RA solutions in all 50 states. This makes them a great choice for entrepreneurs on a budget.


Many online legal services like LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer offer registered agent services for a fee. These companies do what the state requires of a registered agent, but they also forward mail to your business and provide a digital dashboard to view official government documents. They also have compliance filing alerts to remind you of upcoming deadlines like annual reports.

The best multistate registered agents go above and beyond to make your life easier. They will scan and upload all documents received on your behalf to a dashboard that you can access from any computer or smartphone. They also have local corporate guides that can help you navigate state-specific compliance requirements.

A good multistate registered agent will save you time by eliminating the need to juggle multiple pieces of important paperwork from different states as your company expands into new territories. In addition, they will simplify your billing processes and keep all of your information private.

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