Smash Karts IO Review

Smash Karts is a fun multiplayer IO game that lets you drive a cute kart and use weapons to destroy other players. Each public game you play gives you XP that can be used to level up and unlock new prizes, hats, characters, and wheels.

Race around in a free for all brawl deathmatch where whoever kills the most people in 3 minutes is the winner. Roll over boxes containing question marks to pick up random weapons, including invincibility, machine guns, and homing missiles.


In a world of racing simulators where the emphasis is placed on life-like physics and meticulous recreations of real-world cars, it’s refreshing to see a game that embraces the craziness of arcade driving. Enter Smash Karts, a multiplayer kart-racing game that lets you wreak havoc on the track with all sorts of weapons from rockets to good old-fashioned sticks of dynamite.

Collect weapon crates in a variety of arenas featuring fun themes and seasonal designs, then use them to attack other players. Every public game you play will give you experience points that will allow you to level up, unlocking new rewards like hats, wheels, and characters.

Designed in 3D with webGL technology, this fast-paced racer offers plenty of customization options, including different tracks, karts, and power-ups. Plus, a robust online multiplayer mode allows you to battle opponents from around the globe. Drive over boxes containing question marks to pick up random weapons and powers, from invincibility skills to homing missiles to rapid-firing machine guns.


Race karts equipped with power-ups in this top-down multiplayer game. Customize your character, unlock new characters, and climb the leaderboard!

Drive fast on a variety of colorful racetracks and wreak havoc in the arena. Destroy opponents’ karts, plant mines, fire rockets, and collect cool weapons to increase your strength. You can also upgrade your kart with speed boosts and missile or bomb power-ups to take the lead.

This exciting io game takes inspiration from several cult-classic arcade driving games. Its 3D graphics and online multiplayer make it a fun way to compete with friends. Look out for shortcuts that can help you gain a big advantage over the competition. Also, keep an eye out for boxes containing random weapons—from invisibility skills to rapid-firing machine guns and homing missiles—to help you overcome tougher rivals. Strategically employ these power-ups to win battles and earn more XP. Each victory will also reward you with character tokens that you can use to unlock hats, celebrations, and wheels for your kart.

Getting Started

Get behind the wheel and race against your friends in a crazy battle for victory. With 3D visuals and online multiplayer, it’s easy to start playing in seconds.

Drive around the cool racetracks and cause commotion by ramming other karts and planting bombs. Collect awesome power-ups like machine guns, mines and even invincibility to help you wreak havoc and reach the finish line first.

Each time you play a public game you’ll earn XP. This allows you to level up and unlock new characters, hats, wheels and celebrations.

The controls are simple and intuitive, just slide your finger across the screen to steer your kart. To fire your weapon, tap the attack button on the left side of the screen. Be careful, however, because your kart can explode if you hit other players. Each round lasts three minutes, and whoever has the most kills is the winner! Can you be the best killer kart in the world?


There’s a lot of demand for high-quality racing simulators that deliver realistic physics and meticulous recreations of real-world cars. Smash Karts IO takes a different approach, and while it doesn’t go as far as demanding life-like driving skills, it still offers plenty of depth to satisfy players who want to test their mettle in a fast-paced IO game.

Race around colorful arenas and collect weapon crates to wreak havoc against other players. Shoot rockets, plant explosive mines, and ram into your enemies to score points and dominate the leaderboards.

Each public match you play will earn you XP that you can use to level up and unlock rewards, such as character tokens and coins. Use these tokens in the Prize Machine minigame to unlock a wide variety of characters that can be used as your kart driver, including dogs, cats, unicorns, ninjas, and even a toaster! This diverse roster of characters will add a new flavor to each game you play.

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