Streamline Your Parking Operations with LPR Parking Solutions

LPR parking solutions provide a range of benefits for parking facilities and their visitors. These include automatic access control, improved security and safety, smart payment options and a smooth user experience for customers.

Parking enforcement also improves with an LPR-based solution. It eliminates the need for patrol officers to manually check each license plate against a database of authorized parkers or photograph infractions, improving accuracy and dispute rates.

Access Control

Access control systems limit access to campuses, buildings and other physical assets by limiting entry with a key card or PIN. They also allow for auditing and reporting to track which employees have accessed specific rooms or areas.

Access identification can be accomplished by a variety of methods, including fingerprint & voice recognition, biometrics, a mobile app or even contactless ID via an NFC, Bluetooth or QR code. These are just some of the many authentication options available, but which one works best for your business depends on your needs and the level of security you require.

LPR technology improves the safety of your facility, ensuring that only approved vehicles can enter your parking lot. Camera systems used with LPR devices also deter crime by recording the entry, exit, and activities of anyone who attempts to gain access to your facility.

Security & Safety

Security and safety are two terms that are often confused, but they both have a common goal. Both aim to protect individuals and organizations from physical harm or crime.

LPR parking solutions are a great way to increase your facility’s security and safety. They provide a 100% touchless and contactless way to enter your parking lot, which deters criminals and keeps users safe.

In addition to enhancing your facility’s security and safety, LPR systems offer many other benefits for your business. They can generate ample data on car park usage, allowing you to optimize your car park operations to meet the needs of your customers and visitors.

Additionally, LPR technology can eliminate the need for a physical ticket, thereby freeing up space in your lot for more vehicles. This also allows you to create a more seamless experience for your customers.

Simplify Parking Management

There are a number of challenges that parking managers face on a daily basis, and one that can often be the biggest frustration is maintaining accurate records of paid and authorized vehicles. It is a frustrating and time-consuming task, and can lead to costly ticket costs for your facility.

Thankfully, lpr parking solutions can take some of this pain off of your shoulders. As vehicles are admitted based on their license plate, tickets and passes are no longer required, saving management time and money in the long run.

Additionally, lpr parking solutions can help keep your customers happy by providing a seamless entry and exit experience. These features are proven to increase customer satisfaction and repeat visits.

In addition, lpr systems generate ample data on the number of vehicles entering and exiting your parking facility. This data can be used to optimize car park usage by providing the right number of spaces for the highest demand. It also provides valuable operating data on car park occupancy, duration of stay and origin of cars. This information can enable much more effective decision-making and reliable metrics for your parking management team.


License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology allows for a touchless, hassle-free parking experience. It is ideal for high-volume locations where both transient and monthly parkers can enter the parking lot or garage without having to interact with kiosks or pay stations.

Using AI, LPR systems automatically track access and exit. It can also verify vehicles and their occupants. This process takes a fraction of a second and is not subject to human errors.

The ability to instantly identify cars is important for many reasons. Not only does it increase safety and efficiency, but it helps avoid costly accidents, collisions, and equipment damage.

A great example of this is the use of LPR cameras to monitor gated entrances to student housing, residential communities, and private parking garages. In these cases, unregistered vehicles are flagged and not allowed access — keeping the community safe and secure.

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