Top 10 Strongest Animals of Jungle In the History

 The dinosaur is the Strongest animal in Jungle in the History, But now the dinosaur creature has died all over the world. But if you see the movie of Jurassic World and Jurassic Park you would enjoy and gain knowledge about this strongest animal. It was also one of the animals which have the most powerful bite force. Extremely interesting Article! Top 10 strongest animal bites. Just check it out before further reading. If you want to read about the current strongest animal then from here about the latest strongest animals.

The forest is a part of our world, and it is essential because three hundred million people live in the forest. Forests have a large variety of animals and plants. Animals in the forest have different kinds of strength. In this article, We will tell you about the Top 10 Strongest Animals in Jungle History

10. African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog is one of the most powerful and dangerous animals in the forest.  They like to eat hypercarnivores’ diet, and they are mostly found in African forests. They are stronger than the sympatric lion and spotted hyena

9. Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear is commonly called Silvertip Bear and North American brown bear. They can lift 500kg which is 0.8 times heavier than their body weight. They are carnivores, the diet consists of both plants and animals.

8. Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle is one of the strongest animals in the world as well as in the Jungle.  They mostly live in Grassland, farmland, and forests.  They have 1,141 times greater strength than their body weight.

7. Wild Bison

Wild Bison are well known for their long, shaggy coats. They have an excellent sense of smell and hearing but poor eyesight. Bison mostly like to eat grasses and sedges. It is one of the strongest animals in the jungle, and a large number of their found in North America.


Gorillas are different from monkeys, they are larger in size and can walk upright for a longer time. Gorillas included in one of the most powerful and striking animals in the jungle. Gorilla is one of the four species which are the relatives of humans. They belong to the Hominidae family in which three other species included Chimpanzees, Bonobos, and Orangutans.  Gorillas are herbivores, and they mostly eat leaves, vines, and fruits. A Gorilla can carry 2000 kg weight which is heavier than 30 humans.

5. Snake

Snake is one of the strongest animals in the jungle and is aware when you visit any forest because they suddenly attack their prey.  In the world, more than 3000 species are found. They exist in different sizes the largest snake is called Titanoboa, but this creature is not alive now, they were 50 meters long. Snakes are carnivores, and a common misconception is that every snake is biting their prey, but it is not true.  Snakes have a very fast speed they hide in seconds

4. Tiger

Tiger is the largest big Asian cat, but the brown, black, and white colors of the tiger look beautiful. This Wild Animal has aggressive nature and more power than a lion. It is the second strongest animal in the jungle and can carry 550kg weight. Amber deer, wild pigs, water buffalo, and antelope are the important prey of tigers. Tigers also like to hunt bears, dogs, leopards, crocodiles as well as monkeys, and hares. They also attack humans and domestic cattle that’s why this is a very dangerous animal.

3. Lion

The lion considers the King of the Jungle and everyone fears the lion. That wild animal is one of the strongest animals in the jungle. The diet of the lion consists of a large variety of prey like the giraffe, zebra, buffalo, wild dogs, rhinos, etc. It is the social animal from the Felidae (Cat) family. When lions live in a group they are called pride, in this group, 15 lions are included.  Lions can attack elephants when no food is available.

2. Elephant

The elephant is one of the strongest animals in the jungle. The strongest elephants are the African bush elephant and the smaller African Forest elephant. Elephants have four molars. Each molar is 30 cm long and has 5kg weight. The whole teeth of the elephant are 24. The elephant is the brilliant animal in the jungle and Most of the intelligent and strongest elephants are found in Eastern, Central, Southern, and West Africa. The weight of one elephant is equal to 130 adults.

1. Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are the strongest animal in the jungle. The first time they founded about 230 million years ago during the Triassic period and ruled on earth for about 135 million years. Dinosaurs are the most dangerous animal in the jungle. But now this creature has died all over the world. They communicate with each other with gestures and their voice. You can see Jurassic World and Jurassic Park movies. These are fascinating films which are made about Dinosaur’s life.

List of Top 10 Strongest Animals of Jungle In the History

Sr. NoStrongest Animals of Jungle
7Wild Bison
8Dung Beetle
9Grizzly Bear
10African Wild Dog


We conclude from the article that wild animals are very strongest and most dangerous animals. They have different kinds of strength, and most of them have brittle and competitive power.

Mr. Yasir Asif at strongestinworld is team member who loves to write informational articles, find information and share the learning with the community.

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