Top 10 Strongest Dogs in the World

Dogs serve as best friends for those who have a craze for them. Dogs are of diverse sizes from the strongest ones to the smallest ones. Every dog belongs to different species. They procure companionship with a man. Moreover, they act as the perfect guard. On the other side of the scenario, the acts of some dogs are very dangerous. Hence are active ones. Given below is a list of the top ten strongest dogs in the world that are distinct in terms of their temperament and nature.

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List of Top 10 Most Powerful Dogs in the World

1. Mastiff

 It is the most powerful one. It requires significant space to live in a house. Its character is perceived to be loyal and gentle. It is found that the ideal place for Mastiff is in suburban areas. It belongs to the family of those dogs who does not demand more effort and exercise. Its gigantic size directs it to be in the list of the top ten strongest animals in the world.


This dog appears in three kinds:

  • English Mastiff

It has won recently the record for heaviest dog ever. It is called an English Mastiff that is also known to be Hercules. Its height range is 70-91 cm and its weight is 73-104 kg. It can live on earth for a period of 10-12 years. The price for purchasing this breed is $ 1000-1500.

  • French Mastiff

The ideal feature is that it has giant heads, and it is too energetic.

Height: 70-85 cm

Weight: 45-52 kg

Price: $ 800-1000

Life Span: 8-12 years

  • Tibetan Mastiff

It serves as a good asset to the family as a pet. The most consideration is that it is just like a lion.

Height: 61-78 cm

Weight: 46-75 kg

Price: $ 2500-3000

Life Span: 10-12 year

2. Great Dane

This dog owns the as the tallest dog worldwide. Its body structure is just astonishing. Its height is above a meter. It is seen that this dog was previously used as a working dog. Great Danes show a high level of tolerance for other animals and dogs. It is a very well-mannered dog as compared to others. Order to provide them with a bath requires a lot of effort to do this task. Therefore, you cannot wash it on the daily basis. Its body is covered with a blue fur coating.

Its height ranges from 71-86 cm and its weight is 45-90 kg. It can stay alive for 6-12 years. Its purchasing price is $ 1000-1200

3. St Bernard

Bernard is well known and famous owing to its fast growth rate, as well as its rise in weight. It is more dependable than any other dog when taken as a pet. For a healthy life, daily exercise is required. In Switzerland, this dog is acknowledged as a “national dog” owing to its international recognition and respect for offering its valuable assistance in alpine rescue missions. It is of friendly nature, loyal and faithful. Its male specie has a height of 70-90 cm and its female has 65-80 cm. This breed has a weight of 64-120 kg. Its life span is 8-10 years. Its price ranges from $ 1200-1800, respectively.

4. Rottweiler

It offers complete protection to its owner and does not accept strangers. Moreover, it exhibits an aggressive attitude toward other family members of the owner

5. Irish Wolfhound

It was named so because its swiftness was utilized for wolf hunting along with dogs. Its weight is 120 pounds and even more than this figure. Its muscles are very powerful.

It is quite interesting to know that a thin Irish wolfhound is speedy. Their IQ level is very high. They are of generous nature and possess patience at their best. Due to their sweet temperament, children love them especially. They are meant to be loved, not for guarding the purpose.

A male wolfhound is 70-90 cm in height while a female member is 71-79 cm. Similarly, the male member has 45-55 kg weight and the female has 40-50 kg. Their span of life is 6-8 years. If anyone wishes to purchase it from the market, its price is $ 1800-2500.

6. Boerboel

It is the dog found in South Africa. That animal is precisely meant for guarding the purpose. It possesses courage and ability which make it such a strong dog. Its vigorousness is useful in saving and protecting its owner from any dangerous situations.

This animal is very intelligent blended with a keen interest in the matter. It can quickly attack strangers and even chase them without giving them any warning.

7. Great Pyrenees

It is used in North America as a guarding sheep. Its height is 81 cm, and its body weight is 100 pounds. The point which makes it different from other dogs is that it has a double dew clause which helps it to restrict its clause tightly to be attached to something.

8. American Pit Bull Terrier

It is of friendly nature of medium size. These dogs have a longer life span usually more than a decade. When these dogs are trained well during their developmental stage then they care about strangers too. They are fond of chasing human beings. Due to this persona, people find them dangerous. Furthermore, this feature guides people to consider them undesirable pets.

9. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

This breed was initiated and germinated in the Swiss Alps. This dog is sociable and docile. It seems to fit as the best pet that mingles well along with all family members. The shortcoming is that it has a short span of life.

Its unique characteristic is that it can swim with the help of its water-resistant coat and webbed feet. This dog is used largely by fishermen in Canada. It navigates in the ocean and rivers very easily. The male specie of Newfoundland possesses a height of 69-74 cm and the female comprises of 63-69 cm. Its weight varies in males and females as 60-70 kg and 45-55 kg. It can live a life of 8-10 years, and its price range is $ 1000-2000.


Dogs are purchased by taking temperaments into consideration; the temperament of dogs as well as of people buying them. It is the compatibility that fixes the issues. You can make a better selection with a glimpse of these strongest dogs. However, some people prefer to purchase small dogs as pets owing to their interest in cute ones.

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