Top 5 Hawaiian Shave Ice Shops

Whether you are a local or visiting, sweet and cooling shave ice is a Hawaiian treat not to miss. This powdery snowcone drenched with syrups is the perfect cure for hot Hawaiian days!

They use filtered water and natural syrups containing fruit juices, purees and even locally sourced products. They also serve li hing mui (whole or powder form of salt-preserved plums) as a topping!

Beach Street Shave Ice

Beach Street Shave Ice is a family-owned and operated business. They offer freshly shaved ice with all-natural fruit juices and high-quality syrups. They also serve soft drinks, coffee, and other snacks.

Their shaved ice is made with organic cane sugar and natural ingredients. Their syrups are crafted with natural fruits and a mix of traditional and contemporary flavors. They also use the highest-quality ice.

You can enjoy their shaved ice Maui with a variety of toppings, including snow caps, mochi balls, and Roselani cream. You can even get green tea-infused shaved ice. They put a lot of heart and Aloha into every step of preparation to make sure their customers have the best experience.

Surfing Monkey Shave Ice

Located on the beach walk near Wailea Beach Park and Wailea Beach Villas, this quaint confection shop has plenty of options for a sweet treat. The shaved ice is ginormous and they offer a variety of syrups plus ice creams to choose from.

This business is pet-friendly so you can bring your furry family member here to enjoy the shaved ice and other tasty treats. Their regular flavors include tiger’s blood, wedding cake, and pineapple. You can also try their all-natural options like strawberry and Kona coffee.

The owner, Paul, has been in the shaved ice business for more than a decade and is committed to using local ingredients at his 3 locations. The shaved ice is fluffy and they use syrups that are made from real sugar.

Island Cream Co.

Located at Lahaina Gateway Center, Island Cream Company offers a one-of-a-kind blend of ice cream and gelato. Owner Dan Blessing used his background in business, chemistry and cooking to create his shop, which opened in 2014. He has 120 recipes and 36 flavors out at any given time.

Try a scoop of Lahaina Cream, which is infused with Kahlua and whiskey, or a cup of Coffee Crunch made with chocolate cookies. Another popular choice is Kauai Caramel with dulce de leche and roasted pecans, or Mac Nut (both vanilla and chocolate) with double-roasted macadamia nuts.

The shaved ice is packed with flavor and comes in your choice of over 40 toppings. A variety of sundaes and banana splits are available, and Sposhy is a treat featuring shaved ice and frozen strawberry and mango mixed with cream and topped with condensed milk and fruit.

The Fresh Shave

The Fresh Shave brings a healthier version of the traditional treat to SteelCraft. They use organic ingredients and connect with their island farmers to practice sustainable habits and make their syrups in-house so you won’t find the high fructose corn syrup and artificial coloring found at other shaved ice shops.

The menu is simple with eight flavors for a set price to make it easy on customers and owners alike. The flavors range from creamy and tropical to sour and citrusy. They even have a few “adult” flavors that include cold brew coffee and cream.

The shop is barbershop themed, and the owners include silly mustache stickers on all their straws to bring a smile to everyone who stops by for a cool treat. The Fresh Shave is open Monday-Saturday.

Original Big Island Shave Ice

Original Big Island Shave Ice is a family-owned business. The owner’s mother, Lorraine Kaono, the original “ice master,” started her own shop in 1957 and still uses her homemade natural syrup recipes today. They feature delicious, local-favorite toppings like azuki beans (Japanese red beans boiled with sugar and pressed into a sweet paste), mochi balls, fresh fruit, and li hing mui gummy bears.

Located in the King’s Shops in Waikoloa, the small but well-stocked storefront offers classic syrup flavors and add-ins. I enjoyed a refreshing Lahaina with pineapple, coconut, and banana, topped with a snow cap (sweetened condensed milk). Then I added a scoop of Roselani’s homemade ice cream to my bowl – they’re famous for their creamy, smooth, and non-sticky ice cream. You can’t go wrong here!

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