Top Dog Training Facilities in Bangkok

Bangkok is a great city for dog owners and pet sitters alike. It offers plenty of parks and green spaces to explore, as well as dog-friendly cafes and bars!

If you’re looking for a dog trainer in Bangkok, you’ll want to choose someone who can help you communicate with your pet. This will help you to set goals and work towards them, while also improving your relationship with your dog.

Camp K-9 Bangkok

Camp K-9 Bangkok is a boarding and training facility that offers group classes, private lessons, behavior modification and companion protection courses. All services and activities at Camp K-9 are designed to improve your dog’s behaviors while keeping him/her entertained, healthy, happy, and safe in a fun environment. Kamp K-9 trainers are experienced in helping dogs learn how to control their fear, aggression, and impulse behaviors as well as how to successfully work with companion dogs. All training is done in a positive manner and will include behavioral exercises, real-life distraction proofing drills and physical conditioning to help your dog reach his/her full potential.

The most intensive training program offered is the Board and Train Obedience Boot Kamp. This is a two week program that is designed for owners who have limited time available to dedicate to training their dog. During this time, Kamp K-9 will work with you and your dog one-on-one to teach, reinforce, and correct the desired behaviors.

Unleashed BKK

Unleashed BKK is a dog training facility in the heart of Bangkok. It offers a number of fun and informative classes and seminars for dogs of all ages and breeds, including advanced training classes that include sit, stay, down and more. It is also home to the largest training room in town. As a bonus, it is staffed by professional trainers. Tuition for Unleashed BKK is 32,500 baht which includes boarding, extensive training sessions, training equipment and pickup and delivery from your home (Metro Bangkok). If you are looking to get your paws into some of the hottest dog training in town, give us a call today!

Zoeta Dogsoul

One of the top dog training programs in Bangkok, Zoeta Dogsoul aims to rewrite the book on the best way to train your canine companion. The company’s top-of-the-line facility is state-of-the-art, incorporating the latest in canine nutrition and behavior modification technology. During their weeklong program, students are lucky enough to be paired with their canine counterparts in private rooms (air-conditioned of course) while they learn the ropes. They also get a premium treat for their efforts. As if this is not already enough, they have a plethora of dog-friendly attractions and activities to keep their canine friends entertained. They even have a hefty dose of doggy magic to boot! There’s no denying that dogs are great company and the right training can be life changing.


Bangkok is a city that loves its dogs, and there are a wide range of dog-friendly activities in the city. These include parks, canal walks and restaurants that accept dogs.

There are also many dog training fitness schools in Bangkok that offer advanced dog training to help your dog stay fit and healthy. These schools will also teach you how to properly train your dog and resolve any behavior problems that they may have.

A professional pet sitter can be a great option for you if you’re going to be away from home for a long period of time and need your dog looked after. These sitters will be dedicated to your dog and will ensure that they are well taken care of while you’re away.

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