Explore the ultimate in speed and endurance, MAXFIND MAX6 takes you flying!


MAXFIND MAX6 is a newly launched adult skateboard  that brings you an unprecedented riding experience with its excellent performance and amazing features. This innovative and stylish skateboard will be the ideal companion for your daily commute and long-distance adventures.

MAXFIND MAX6 is launched at a shocking price of $629.00. High speed, long-range endurance and strong climbing ability, these selling points make it a favorite among skateboard enthusiasts.

First, the MAXFIND MAX6’s astonishing top speed of 26 miles per hour (42 kilometers per hour) lets you easily outpace the competition and cruise through city streets or country trails. You will feel the excitement and pleasure brought by speed and enjoy the fun of gliding.

Secondly, MAXFIND MAX6 has an amazing cruising range of up to 31 miles (50 kilometers), so you don’t have to worry about running out of power. Whether it is daily commuting or long-distance travel, MAXFIND MAX6 can give you enough battery life to enjoy the city or explore unknown places.

Not only that, MAXFIND MAX6 also has excellent climbing ability and can easily handle a 30% slope. Whether it’s a steep hill or a rough road, MAXFIND MAX6 can handle it easily, making your adventure more worry-free.

MAXFIND MAX6 is also equipped with RGB ambient lighting, which adds a dazzling color to your gliding journey. As you glide along the city streets, colorful ambient lights will light up your path, making you the center of attention and showing your unique personality and style.

What’s even more amazing is that MAXFIND MAX6 uses 105mm Galaxy Cloud Wheels to provide you with excellent grip, stability and shock absorption. Whether you are facing bumps and cracks or enjoying a smooth and comfortable gliding experience, MAXFIND MAX6 allows you to control it with ease and say goodbye to uncomfortable gliding experiences.

Intelligent control is another highlight of MAXFIND MAX6. With the accompanying app, you can easily adjust speed settings, monitor battery life, and tailor your ride to your personal preferences. Connected to MAXFIND MAX6’s smart controls, you’ll always remain in control of every exciting moment.

MAXFIND MAX6 is not just a skateboard, it is a new way of riding, bringing you the ultimate experience of speed and endurance. No longer satisfied with the ordinary, choose MAXFIND MAX6 to start an extraordinary cycling journey and explore unknown areas. Whether it’s city streets or country trails, MAXFIND MAX6 will be your motivation to move forward, allowing you to enjoy unparalleled riding pleasure. Embrace MAXFIND MAX6 now and start your cycling adventure!

The best entry-level electronic skateboard in 2024 – MAXFIND MAX6, represents Maxfind’s latest breakthrough in the field of electric skateboards. Not only does it have a cyberpunk style design, it is also equipped with advanced technology and excellent performance, taking your gliding experience to a whole new level.

MAXFIND MAX6 uses a 21700 Samsung 10Ah battery to provide you with long-lasting and reliable power. Whether it’s your daily commute or a long-distance adventure, you can count on the MAXFIND MAX6’s endurance to enjoy longer gliding fun.

Intelligent control

As a member of the Maxfind series, MAXFIND MAX6 represents Maxfind’s continuous innovation and pursuit of excellence for electric skateboards. Maxfind has won widespread praise for its excellent craftsmanship and excellent quality, becoming the preferred brand among skateboard enthusiasts.

If you want to know more skateboard models and the latest updates on Maxfind, please follow our official channels. We are committed to bringing you more innovative, high-quality skateboard products to make your skating experience more exciting.

MAXFIND MAX6 brings you the perfect choice for the best entry-level electric skateboards for sale in 2024. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skateboarder, MAXFIND MAX6 has everything you need for speed, endurance and smart control. Embrace MAXFIND MAX6 now and start your gliding journey!


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