How can I Suggest friends on Facebook?

how to suggest a friend on fb

You would know that there are various methods for suggesting friends on Facebook. One of the most popular methods is to use the suggested friend feature. Through this tool, the user would be able to link with friends whom they think they can get along with. Most of the users can use this tool when they are having the first time joining this app and they are not having enough friends to talk with. You would know that suggest friends option has been removed from the Facebook app and connecting with two disconnecting friends is becoming difficult. It does not mean that after removing this feature you would not be able to connect with friends. If you want to know about the simple procedure of connecting friends then you have to read the below content. Through this article, you would get to know how to suggest a friend on fb. 

How to make Facebook friends suggestions?

If you want to make Facebook friends suggestions then there are various ways which are listed below:

  1. You can share your profile with another person by using other social media apps. 
  2. The person can even create a group with the person whom they want to chat with. 

Sending the profile link:

Sending a profile link to the person is one of the convenient ways to make a friend suggestion. Some of the steps which are involved are as follows:

  1. The person has to open Facebook on your device. The device can be your mobile phone, laptop, PC, or any other device. You would be able to see a blue con with f written in between on the home screen. If you are one of the people who is using an Android app then you have to get access to the app drawer. 
  2. The user can visit the profile of the friends. You can visit the profile of another person just by clicking on the magnifying button which you can see on the screen and then you have to search for the person. 
  3. You can click on the blue and white option which would tell you about the person’s heads and shoulders. 
  4. Under the profile of the person you would be able to see the link of the profile. 
  5. You may send this link to the other person in the new message box. 
  6. If the person wants to send a message to the other person then they may place the cursor on the message button which is available just below the profile of the person. Through this, you would be able to send a message to the person. 
  7. The person has to hold the message area and they would be able to see a menu which would be displayed on the screen.
  8. Then you have to select the button for sending the message. You would be able to see an arrow on the screen, this is considered as the send button. This send would be depending on the version you are using. It would become a tappable link once you click on the send button. The person to whom you have sent the link would be clicking on the link and then sending you a friend request by clicking on add friend. 


Most of the users are sending the requests by using “suggested friends” but due to some conditions, Facebook has to remove suggested friends. It does not mean that friends would not be suggested if you do not have a suggested friends option. Friends can be suggested by using various methods which are described above and you can also know some more methods from Ityug247. You might get to know about Facebook how to suggest friends

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