IPL Ad Director Dan Mace Unveils Free Filmmaking Course, Now Streaming on YouTube


Award-winning director Dan has launched a comprehensive, free filmmaking course on YouTube titled “How I Make MrBeast’s Videos“. Known for his work directing IPL advertisement and a robust portfolio that spans over 100 commercials, music videos, documentaries, and short films, Dan is now sharing his insights with aspiring creators at no cost.

The course, which runs longer than a typical feature film, distills Dan’s two decades of experience behind the camera into a full-fledged tutorial. It covers the entire process of creating a viral video, from the initial concept to the final upload, with a specific focus on a recent Philanthropy project for YouTube megastar MrBeast that secured millions of views.

Offering this masterclass for free on YouTube allows me to reach out to a broader audience than ever before,” said Dan Mace. “It’s designed to empower anyone with a camera and an idea, regardless of their budget or professional experience.”

Structured around a “9 Part Structure”, the course guides learners through each critical phase of video production. This includes ideation, planning, music selection, shooting, editing, and distribution. This methodical approach not only demystifies the filmmaking process but also enables creators to maintain control over their projects from conception to completion.

By choosing to provide this valuable educational resource on YouTube without a price tag, Dan aims to remove the financial barriers that often deter talented individuals from exploring or advancing in the filmmaking field. His previous experiences with monetized courses were constraining, influenced by external pressures and limitations. In contrast, this free release on YouTube offers depth and flexibility, allowing learners to engage with the material at their own pace without the burden of cost.

Dan’s initiative is poised to redefine online filmmaking education, offering both new and seasoned filmmakers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s finest. The course is now available on Dan’s YouTube channel, drawing significant attention and high praise from across the global creative community. This endeavor not only highlights Dan’s growth as a filmmaker but also underscores his dedication to nurturing future talent in the cinematic arts.


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