Let’s get to know shirt screening. With various techniques used in screen printing


Many people like plain shirts, but that doesn’t mean other people will. So we thought about whether we could make a shirt with the pattern we wanted. Of course it can be done. We call this process. “T-shirt printing” Many people still don’t know and don’t understand what shirt screening is. And is it difficult to get a beautiful shirt? Dallas Shirt Printing will take you to learn about this.

What is shirt screening?

Screen printing is the process of printing different designs directly onto the shirt. The process and its advantages and disadvantages vary according to the type of screening technique. The technique is as follows.

1. Sublimation or Heat Transfer shirt printing

It is screening by printing the pattern or image that you want to screen onto transfer paper with Pigment ink and then screening it on the shirt with a heat press. The image or pattern is on the transfer paper. Will be beautifully screened onto clothing.

Advantages of sublimation shirt printing :

  • A small amount can be screened. Unlimited colors used Including the fabric and color of clothes.

Disadvantages of sublimation shirt printing :

  • Cannot use an iron Iron directly on the screened side of the shirt. Must be ironed backwards. Because the screen work has a chance of peeling off. from the image being stuck on the surface of the clothing not absorbed into the work

2. Flex shirt printing

It is a screen printing machine that is specifically used in conjunction with a flex cutting machine by designing the desired work through a program. and order cutting to the flex cutting machine, which can cut various materials such as velvet, PU, ​​Polyflex, which can be cut yourself or can use ready-made letters Popularly made into logos or letters. Then it is hot rolled onto the material.

Advantages of Flex shirt screening :

  • No need to use a screen block.
  • The screen work will look more beautiful and dimensional. Because it will be raised from the surface.
  • Can be screen printed on different surfaces.

Disadvantages of Flex shirt printing:

  • Flex work can be made into letters, graphic designs, or logos. Photos cannot be flex screened.

3. DTG shirt screening

It is developed to another level. Using a method of screen printing the image directly onto the garment using a dedicated garment printer. Or also known as the DTG (Direct to Garment) system, which will produce beautiful, sharp screen printing

with no limitations on the color of the shirt that needs to be screened. Because it can be screen printed on shirts of every color. Whether it’s a light-colored shirt or dark shirt

Advantages of DTG shirt screening :

  • Can be printed on a variety of fabrics, no color limitations. Can be screen printed in a variety of colors without limitations.
  • Fresh, beautiful color, doesn’t peel off easily.
  • You can choose to print in small quantities. Because it is screened directly onto the clothing.

Disadvantages of DTG shirt screening:

  • If the work is screened in large quantities There will be high costs if printing on dark colored clothing.
  • The screen size is quite limited, no more than 50 cm x 50 cm.

4. Screen printing of silver-gold foil on shirts

It is a hybrid screen printing project between Silk Screen + Heat Transfer. Glue must be slathered across the screen block, then the glue is baked, and then the silver-gold foil is ironed on the glue at the appropriate temperature.

Advantages of silver-gold foil screen printing for shirts :

  • The work will be beautiful and shiny.

Disadvantages of silver-gold foil printing on shirts :

  • Does not withstand washing as well as other screen printing techniques

5. Silk Screen printing of shirts

Silk screen printing of shirts or block screen printing. It is screen printing which requires the use of blocks for screen printing, which is specified as 1 color per 1 block, which is suitable for printing t-shirts. Many shirts are screened. Because when one block is created, Can be used to screen many shirts.

Advantages of Silk Screen printing on shirts :

  • Can be screen printed on a variety of materials.
  • Suitable for large quantities of screen printing. This is because the cost per screen printing of 1 shirt will be lower.

Disadvantages of Silk Screen printing on shirts:

  • Screen printing has a chance of breaking. or can peel off If not maintained or used incorrectly

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