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Skilled Worker Visa

Skilled Worker visa application process

Whether you are outside of the UK and entering the UK, inside the UK and extending your current visa, or inside the UK and switching from a different visa will determine how you apply.

You must update your visa if you want to change jobs or employers.

Depending on your unique situation, you will need to submit the necessary documents together with your visa application. The country where you are now residing, rather than your country of origin, may be used to apply for the visa.

Up to three months prior to the day you are scheduled to begin employment in the UK, you may apply for a visa. The CoS includes this date.


You must apply for your visa first if you are the primary applicant and submitting your application from outside the UK before your partner and children can do the same. When they apply, they will require either a Unique Application Number (UAN) or your Global Web Form (GWF). This information can be found in emails and letters that you receive from the Home Office regarding your visa application.

You can apply for your partner’s or child’s visa at the same time that you apply to extend or switch your own visa if you are submitting your application from within the UK. This includes any kids who were born or turned 18 while you were there.

Your partner or child can apply to extend or change their visas later if you are unable to do so at the same time. This has to happen before their present visa runs out.

How long it takes

You will typically learn the outcome of your visa application within: Once you have applied online, established your identity, and submitted your supporting documentation:

if you’re outside of the UK, three weeks

if you’re inside the UK, eight weeks

You might be able to pay for a quicker decision if you have an appointment that you must keep. Whether you are inside the UK or outside of it will affect how you go about doing this.

Cost of Skilled worker visa application

The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) fee must be paid in addition to the cost of the visa application. Your exact payment amount will depend on how much leave you are given. The government website contains comprehensive information about the fees of a visa application and the IHS.

The IHS must be paid at the same time as your visa application if you are applying online. This will guarantee that you have unrestricted access to the NHS.

Each person must pay an additional £624 for the IHS each year that their visa is valid. Children under the age of 18 pay a discounted amount of £470.

After you apply

The Home Office will send you a letter or email letting you know the status of your visa application and outlining your next steps.

If your application is accepted, you will receive one of the following:

  • A visa that is included in your passport if you provided biometric data at a visa application center
  • If you utilized the smartphone app to establish your identity, you would have online access to see your immigration status information.

The visa or online data on immigration status will display:

  • what you have received (such a skilled worker visa, for example)
  • the start and end dates of your visa’s validity
  • your visa’s requirements

To avoid having to apply for and pay for a new visa, you must enter the UK before it expires. You should try to be in the UK before the start date of your studies at the university when organizing your travel arrangements.

You must obtain a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) if you are granted a visa and intend to stay in the UK for a period of time longer than six months. Before the visa expires or within 10 days of your arrival in the UK, whichever comes first, you can complete this. During the application process, you can select the location from which to pick up your BRP. This will often be Bath’s main post office for the majority of new students that are starting at the university.

Right to work check

As soon as you have your BRP, you must give it to your HR Recruitment Coordinator so they can verify your right to work with you. You must undergo this right to work verification before beginning your shift. If you haven’t had your BRP yet, you can still get started working with your visa as long as it’s still in effect even if you haven’t yet received it. Then, as soon as feasible, you must get your BRP from the authorized collecting site and give it to your HR Recruitment Coordinator.

If you have online access to information about your immigration status, you must give it to your HR Recruitment Coordinator so they can conduct a right to know investigation.

It is an intricate and challenging procedure. A Y & J Solicitors’ highly skilled immigration solicitors London are dedicated to assisting clients in obtaining citizenship.  They take the time necessary to make sure you comprehend the procedure and will help with all the application-related issues.


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