5 Top-Notch Tricks to Improve Your Typography Design

5 Top-Notch Tricks to Improve Your Typography Design
5 Top-Notch Tricks to Improve Your Typography Design

Designing is essential to a website, and everyone knows it well. If you ask any designer, they will say it is a world of dynamic pairs of imagination and creativity. 

Suppose you want to become an excellent professional designer, unlock your ability, and design various projects. But remember, it will be more challenging to interplay with many fonts, colors, textures, shapes, and compositions. 

Anyway, constantly practicing will help you become an expert in website design. You can even leverage an ai font generator to select and use a good font style to show your content with a different look. Afterward, experiment and master the balance elements to improve your typography design. 

Still, if you want some more useful tricks to enhance the typography design, explore this article.

Tips to Improve Typography Design

Are you ready and curious to learn the smart tips to improve your typography design? Let’s begin! 

  • Focus on font hierarchy
  • Select a font wisely  
  • Try to pair two different fonts 
  • Play around with kerning
  • Use white spaces  
  1. Focus on Font Hierarchy

Font hierarchy is a strategic way to use versatile font styles, weights, and sizes. Its ultimate purpose is to create a unique visual contrast between the body of the text, heading, and subheadings. 

If readers see the page, they will be able to understand the correct structure and importance of the given content. If you want to keep your hierarchy correctly, follow the principles. 

  • The heading should be larger than other content.
  • The sub-heading needs to be less than the heading and higher than the content.
  • All text that comes under the body text should be unique.  
  • Try to create a visual contrast correctly.
  • Align perfectly to get a good look.
  • Add white spaces. 

Try to follow all these ideas and make your design look great and attractive. If you do, it helps increase website traffic within a short time. 

  1. Select a Font Wisely  

The next most important step you need to follow is selecting a font. In fact, without choosing the font, you can’t design properly. So, select a font that suits your content theme and tone. 

One of the best ways to find a font is to search the web that matches your niche. Another simple hack is to utilize a free font generator to find and use a suitable font for displaying your content in an attractive look. 

Along with that, get tips from expert designers on whether it is great to use a particular font for your website. If you focus and select a font wisely following the helpful tip, it helps to amplify your reach. 

  1. Try to Pair Two Different Fonts 

One of the common mistakes that every designer makes is using the same style of fonts. But you don’t make such mistakes as it affects your readability and credibility. 

You can choose a complementary font, and it is one of the best ways to improve your design typography. So, plan to choose two versatile fonts considering weights and styles. You should also be aware to reject decorative fonts to improve your reach. 

Furthermore, you can experiment and find the correct way to pair two different fonts to give users a better look. If you focus and pair fonts correctly, your engagement will also increase at a very high speed. 

  1. Play Around With Kerning 

Kerning refers to adjusting the space between individual letter pairs in a single line of text to create an optically consistent look. You better combine and know the right way to do the kerning process.

If you are a beginner, you need to put extra effort into learning kerning. Even though it is challenging, focusing on it will help you improve your typography design. That’s why you need to creatively learn and use kerning to make your content look great. 

  1. Use White Spaces  

Improving your typography design involves using white spaces. Remember, leaving a white space can dictate the design flow and visual hierarchy effectively. It will also enhance clarity and prevent clutter. 

So, if you want to improve readability and separate your content into a clean one, use white spaces. It is also one of the best ideas to make users see you differently. That’s why it is essential to use white spaces appropriately. 

Wrapping It Up

Improving your typography design requires time and effort. Many designers spend time planning to gain more fame and name. So, it will be better to focus on the pivotal hacks to enhance the typography design to stand out from competitors. 

Check on the web to learn the tips and get expert suggestions to improve your typography design. Along with that, know the tricks that are listed in this article and follow the hacks without fail. If you follow all the tips, it will help you to become a successful designer quickly. 


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