Unveil Hidden Details on Facebook Marketplace

how do you see hidden information on facebook marketplace

The ruling Social media platform Facebook introduces new and innovative features every day to keep users engaged.  The wide network of Social media plays a significant role in marketing perspective. Facebook has a Marketplace that is very beneficial for individuals or small businessmen to sell or buy products where users can post their products or services and buyers can make a bid to purchase goods.

However many users have reported the products available on Facebook Marketplace do not reveal all the information about the specific product. This might be implemented by Facebook due to some protective reasons to mitigate the potential scams and safeguard users from any type of fraud.

Being a Facebook user, you might be intrigued to know how you see hidden information on the Facebook marketplace.

In this blog, we have got you covered with the ways to view the hidden information of Facebook Marketplace.

How to See Hidden Information on Facebook Marketplace?

To maintain security information is kept hidden on the Facebook marketplace. So, there may be some valid reason to view the hidden details. You have some legal ways to see the hidden information on Facebook Marketplace. You can reveal hidden information FB marketplace by some means. Here is how.

  1. On the Browser

No matter on which device you are browsing Facebook Marketplace, whether on your Android or iPhone or your PC, you can view the hidden details. Here is how

  • Launch the Facebook app and go to Marketplace.
  • Pick the product that you wish to explore.
  • Select the “Share” button located below the image of the item.
  • Pick “Copy” 
  • Open your web browser 
  • Tap in the URL window and paste the marketplace listing link.
  • Now the hidden information will be on your screen, scroll down to see the details.
  1. Contact the Seller

One of the simplest approaches to unveil the hidden details of the product, you contact the seller directly using the Facebook Marketplace contact form. Once reached, communicate with the seller to know more about the product and their offerings. To know the details, you must have a valid reason, then you may request the information that you wish to know about the product.

In this method, you have to wait for the seller’s response, but it is the most reliable and accurate way to unveil the hidden information about the item without taking any technical steps.

On the other side, if the seller doesn’t get back to you, then finding the information will not be easy.


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