Did Snapchat Remove Ghost Trials?

Ghost Trails on Snapchat

Snapchat is an amazing application which is currently one of the most famous social media applications that people use. The application has a number of unique and distinctive features present on it which makes it quite fun for people and this is why the application is so popular. 

The application is quite popular for its privacy features and it informs a person when a screenshot has been captured and self-destructs messages after a certain period of time. While there are a lot of features that are liked by people, there were some features that were not liked by the users of the application and one of the most disliked features present on the application was Ghost Trails. 

Currently, users have observed that ghost trails is not available on the application and this is why they are wondering did snapchat get rid of ghost trails. In this article, we are going to tell you about this feature, why it was not liked by people and whether the application has removed the feature or not. 

What is Ghost Trails on Snapchat?

If you are wondering what is a ghost trail on snapchat then, this is the correct place where you will get to know all the information that we need related to this feature. 

We all know that Snapchat has allowed users to share their location on the application with their friends and this is why it is often questioned why Ghost trails was disliked by users as the feature was also related to the location of a Snapchat user. 

Well, to answer your question, the ghost trail allowed Snapchat users to track the activity of their friends on the application for the last 24 hours. Even if you have disabled the map in your account, your friend will be able to see your location with the help of ghost trails and this was the main reason why this feature was so disliked. 

The application is famous among youth and teenagers because of its privacy features and the Ghost trail feature was breaching the privacy of Snap users and this is why people did not like this feature on Snapchat. 

Is Ghost Trails no longer available on Snapchat?

As we have already shared above, people were no longer able to see ghost trails Snapchat when they were using Snapchat and this is why they were curious about the availability of the feature in Snapchat. 

If you have also observed the same then, let me tell you that the feature has been removed from the application. With the recent Snapchat update, this feature was removed from the application which made a lot of Snap users happy as now, it was impossible for people to track the location of people on the application if their Map has been disabled. In place of Ghost trails, Snapchat has introduced Live location which gives people permission to share their own location if they wish to do the same. 

I am sure that this guide has now completely educated you about Ghost trails and other location features on Snapchat.


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