Worldwide Box office Collection of Ved 2022: A Hit or a Flop

ved box office collection

The romantic drama thriller, Marathi movie Ved generated a lot of buzz when the movie was released and while a lot of popularity of the movie came from the lead actors, there were some people who were genuinely interested in watching the movie because of its thrilling plot.

The movie starring Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia Deshmukh, was in the movie theatres for a long time and this is why a lot of people are interested in getting to know the box office collection of the movie to determine whether it was a hit or a flop. Now, if you are also interested in getting to know about the ved movie budget then this informative guide is going to help you with all the information that you need.

Overview of Ved

Directed by Ritesh Deshmukh, the movie showcases the story of a depressed man who is also an alcoholic. The movie takes an interesting turn when the orphaned daughter of his ex-lover decides to live with him however, this adoption will only be possible after he fulfils a specific condition put forward by the girl.

The movie has some very awesome actors like Ritesh Deshmukh himself, his wife Genelia Deshmukh and other famous actors like Ashok Saraf, Jiya Shankar and even Salman Khan in a cameo appearance.

What was the Worldwide Box Office collection of Ved?

Now that you are familiar with the overview and the story of the movie, let’s know about the ved box office collection. The box office collection of the movie will determine whether the movie was a hit or a flop.

Week 1Rs 20.67 Cr
Week 2Rs 20.18 Cr
Week 3Rs 9.95 Cr
Week 4Rs 6.19 Cr
Week 5Rs 1.9 Cr
Week 6Rs 0.83 Cr
Week 7Rs 0.95 Cr
Week 8Rs 0.4 Cr
Week 9Rs 0.1 Cr
Week 10Rs 0.03 Cr

Now, combining all these box office collections, the total collection of the movie after 10 weeks was Rs 61.2 Cr and the Gross collection across the entire country was Rs 73 Cr.

One thing you will be shocked to know is that the budget of the movie was somewhere around Rs 10 Cr and this is why this movie was a huge hit. The movie was released on 30th December 2022 and currently, the movie is no longer available on the big screens and this is why if you are interested in watching the movie then, you can access the movie on different streaming websites and applications.

Is Ved a Hit or a Flop?

Now that you know about the box office collection of Ved, I am sure that you are wondering whether this movie was a box office success or not. Looking at the collection of the movie, it is very clear that the movie has earned much more than its budget and this is why this movie is a very huge box office hit.

The critical reviews of the movies were also very good and this is why the movie attracted a lot of people. 


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